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Episode Summaries

This section is probably the section that has been worked on the hardest here.  These summaries are very detailed and are all (unless specified) our property, legally, if you steal them trust us you will pay, otherwise enjoy.  Our ultimate goal is to have a full page summary on all English DBZ Episodes it's going to take a long time but we will make it.


Dragon Ball
Pilaf Saga
The Tournament
14.  Goku’s Rival 
15.  Look out for Launch! 
16.  Find That Stone 
17.  Milk Delivery 
18.  The Turtle Hermit Way 
19.  The Tournament Begins 
20.  Elimination Round 
21.  Smells Like Trouble 
22.  Yamcha versus Jackie Chun 
23.  Monster Beast Giran 
24.  Krillin’s Frantic Attack! 
25.  The Fearful Aerial Karate Raid! 
26.  The Great Finals! 
27.  Goku in the Biggest Crisis
28.  Crash! Forces vs Forces

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga
1.    The Arrival of Raditz
2.    The Worlds Strongest Team
3.    Gohan's Hidden Powers
4.     Goku's Unusual Journey
5.     Gohan's Metamorphosis
6.     Gohan makes a Friend
7.     Trouble on Arlia
8.     Home for Infinite Losers
9.     Princess Snake's Hospitality
10.   Escape from Piccolo
11.   Showdown in the Past
12.   The End of Snake Way
13.   A Fight Againest Gravity... Catch Bubbles!
14.   The Legend of the Saiyans
15.   A Black Day for the Planet Earth
16.   The Battle Begins... Goku where are you?
17.   The Siabamen Attack
18.   Nappa... The Invincible?
19.   Tien goes all out!
20.   Time's Up!
21.   The Return of Goku
22.   Goku Strikes Back!
23.   Goku vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel
24.   Vegeta... Saiyan Style
25.   Stop Vegeta Now!!
26.   Battle's End

Freeza Saga
27.   A New Goal Namek!
28.   Journey to Namek
29.   Friends or Foes?
30.   Hunt for a Dragon Ball
31.   Who's Who?
32.   Touchdown on Namek
33.   Face Off on Namek
34.   The Ruthless Frieza
35.   The Nameks vs. Frieza
36.   Escape from Dodoria
37.   Secrets Revealed
38.   A Collision Course
39.   Stay Away from Frieza
40.   Zarbon Transformed
41.   The Eldest Namek
42.   Get Vegeta!!
43.   Vegeta Revived
44.   A Heavy Burden
45.   Immortality Denied
Thanks to Tina Groeneweg for sending Episodes 46-60
61.   Password is Porunga
62.   Piccolo's Return
63.   The Fusion
64.   Fighting Power: One Million??
65.   Piccolo the Super-Namek
66.   Déjà vu
67.   Frieza's Second Transformation
68.   Another Transformation?
69.   Dende's Demise
70.   The Renewed Goku
71.   The End of Vegeta
72.   The Ultimate Battle
73.   Clash of the Super Powers
74.   Frieza's Boast
75.   Bold and Fearless
76.   Embodiment of Fire
77.   Trump Card
78.   Keep the Chance Alive
79.   Power of the Spirit
80.   Transformed at Last
81.   Explosion of Anger
82.   Namek's Destruction
83.   A final Attack
84.   Approaching Destruction
85.   Gohan Returns
86.   The Last Wish
87.   Dual on a Vanishing Planet
88.   Pathos of Frieza
89.   Freiza Defeated!!
90.   Mighty Blast of Rage
91.   Namke's Explosion: Goku's End?
92.   Goku's Alive!!
Garlic Junior Saga
93.   The Heavens Tremble
94.   Black Fog of Terror
96.   Fight with Piccolo
97.   Call for Restoration
98.   Suidical Course
99.   Extreme Measures
100. The World Awakens
101. Brief Chance for Victory
102. Krillin's Proposal
Cell Saga
103. Frieza's Counterattack
104. The Mysterious Youth
105. Another Super Saiyan
106. Welcome Back Goku
107. Mystery Revealed
108. Goku's Special Technique
109. Z Warriors Prepare
110. Goku's Ordeal
111. The Androids Appear
112. A Handy Trick
113. Double Trouble for Goku
115. The Secret of Dr. Gero
116. More Androids?!
117. Follow Dr. Gero
118. Nightmare Comes True
119. Goku's Assassin
120. Deadly Beauty
121. No Match For The Androids
122. Last Ditch Effort
123. Closing In
124. Unwelcomed Dicovery
125. Seized with Fear
126. The Reunion
127. Borrowed Powers
128.  His Name is Cell
129.  Piccolo's Folly
130.  Laboratory Basement
131.  Our Hero Awakens
132.  Time Chamber
133.  The Monster is Coming
134.  He's Here
135.  Up to Piccolo
136.  Silent Warrior
137.  Say Goodbye #17
163.  Cell's Bag of Tricks
173.  A Hero's Farewell
174.  Cell Returns
180.  Warriors of the Dead