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>>Pointless Characters

This section of our site shows characters that were on Dragonball  for like one episode and made no difference at all in the story line.  It will also give a brief description about them.  We will try to get pictures of these characters soon.  This is not really meant to be humor but to tell you about characters you might not know.  More Coming Soon!!
Some guy who came into the series and did some Super Saiyan stuff  and defeated all of his enemies or something.  Not important at all.  (Just Kidding)
She appeared on Dragonball Z during the 10 days Cell gives the Z warriors to prepare for the Cell Game.  Gohan saved her life and helped someone that seemed to be her Grandfather.  She lived in a village that was trying to be protected by a shelter that could easily be destroyed.  Gohan destroyed the shelter and told the people of the village that if he could destroy it Cell could do a lot worse.  Lime was a liar and she kept telling everyone Cell was in the village.
While Gohan was training with Picollo to prepare for Nappa and Vegeta he escaped and found an orphan named Amy and a whole group of orphans
Mrs. Brief
How important is she?  All she does is welcome others into her home.....the show can do without her :)
Jackie Chun
A person who won the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. Jackie Chun was really Master Roshi in disguise. The point of this is.............. There is really no point.......because he's a pointless character. : )