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After the 100s of E-mails we receive daily about DBAF, I've decided to make a humor section on it....For those of you who don't know DBAF supposedly stands for "Dragon Ball After Future", and it is completely FAKE It was a rumor that some idiots started that kept growing and soon made many people think it does exist.  Now let's all laugh at these funny "DBAF" pictures.  Note every picture was sent to me by e-mail to put up on my site...so I did put them up, just not in the way the people e-mailed me them thought I would...(click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture)

SSJ5 Goku


The picture that started it all, this is not only a fake picture but it looks like something that you would find at the city dump...looks nothing like Goku and looks really stupid

SSJ3 Vegeta

Now this is just pure idiocy why would Vegeta want to go to the SSJ3 form when he reaches SSJ4 which is much more powerful....I have to admit that the picture does look a little real though.....but is obviously not authentic.


One of the stupidest pictures of all, it's Super Saiyan Buu....oh wait he's not a Saiyan oh well let's just say he becomes one in DBAF......seriously how stupid can people get.


I actually wish Pan went SSJ in DBGT, It would have been cool and I have to admit this picture is not as bad as the rest of the fake DBAF pictures are.

SSJ Raditz

Oh wow look at him standing there like he owns the place.....

SSJ Krillin

It seems that he can now stand a chance in the Martial Arts Tournament....good thing he grew back his hair otherwise it wouldn't be as noticeable.  If I find the person who made this picture I am going to punch them so hard that even I would feel pain. 


I have no idea who (or what) this guy is, it might just be some fan art, but someone sent it in saying "YO PUT THIS UPP D00D IT'S FROMDBAF MAN, I T  IIWL PROOF THAT IS REAL"

SSJ4 Gotenks

Feel the all mighty wrath of the ultra fused Saiyan who does not exist.

SSJ4 Brolly

If this picture was real I would run...he would be a strong crazy psychopathic super saiyan

SSJ4 Trunks

Just.....stupid....this one doesn't need to be a thumbnail.

SSJ3 Gohan

I am so glad this is a fake picture, It is one of the stupidest ones I've seen.

SSJ6 Goku

Hmmmmmmm............Super Sayian 6 Goku
(Not a thumbnail)

SSJ 1,2,3,4 Bra

Why Bra would ever want to go super sayian beats me but this picture is really well done, I am guessing fan art.
SSJ Nappa

Vegeta would just kill him again, for the third time and it would be funny :)

Why would Goku fuse with Krillin, It would probobly just make him weaker, I mean look at Krillin, just look at him (no offense to him, he's still cool)

2 Words......What the hell is this????  A third fusion between Vegeta and Goku, It appears he has Vegetto's Earings yet has some sort of Gogetta form, very strange.
SSJ? Goku

I'm not sure what level this is, but the pic sure does look cool, a good name for it would be "Dark Goku"

Vegeta already hates fusing with Goku, I guess he likes Goten more...
He must love piccolo....
SSJ4 Gohan

This picture used to have it's own little section on this site :), those days are over now, it belongs here in the DBAF section, I personally love this picture, Just get rid of the glasses and it's the result of Chi-Chi not being around.....most powerful character ever..