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Here you can learn some of the techniques in the Dragonball series and learn what they do and how they work.


Kamehamaha: If Kamehameha is translated into English it would mean "technique of the Turtle Master."  Master Roshi made this attack and as most of us know it is a large KI blast which comes out of cupped hands.
Masenko: This attack is known as "Gohan's Trademark Blast."  The user or this attack places one hand in front of the other over their head, charges up there KI and blasts it forwards.
Makankousappou (Special-Beam Cannon): This attack is used by mostly Piccolo (Cell and the Cell Jr.s could alsoo use it) The way it works is the user charges up and then fires a blast with their finger.  The blast looks like a straight line with circles going around it.
Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb):  Goku was taught this Technique from King Kai.  It can take an extremely long time to charge up.  The way it works is all living forces around the user give in some of their energy into the ball and then the ball is fired at someone.
Kaio-ken: A technique created by King Ki. This move is a temporary boost of power. When used the person gains a large amount of energy and speed but it takes up a lot of their energy.
Zanzoken: This is another technique created by Master Roshi. This technique enables the user to move at great speeds by leaving after images of themselves behind
Shunkanido (Instantaneous Movement):  Goku learnt this technique on planet Yardrat after escaping the explosion of Planet Namek.  When he places two fingers on his forehead he can decompose his body and travel at the speed of light as long as he can home in on someone.
Big Bank Attack: This attack is first used after Vegeta becomes a SuperSsaiyan for the first time. The user of this technique holds out his arm and flattens his palm towards the enemy and lets out a huge energy blast.
Galet Gun:  Well it's the "Kamehameha of Vegeta" basically the same type of blast as Kamehameha. 
Burning Attack:  The user of this attack places his hands forwards and does some strange movements, and then later places his hands forwards again and a blast is shot.  Usually used by Trunks.
Bukuujutsu (Flying): This technique translates to "No Air." Basically it's defying the laws of gravity and flying.  All the major warriors in Dragonball know how to use it.
Freeza Beam:  This technique is used by Freeza (well duh.)  It is a beam of energy shot from one finger, and does not explode on impact. Instead it is a piercing attack which continues through its target causing extreme pain.
Destructo Disc:  Everyone has a trademark attack and this attack is Krillan's trademark.  It is a disc with extremely sharp sides that is thrown and can literally cut off mountain tops.
Sou Ki Dan:  Yamcha uses this attack.  It is a ball of energy that can be "remote controlled" by the user.
Solar Flare:  Tien is the first person who uses this attack ever, but most of the others start using it after a while.  The user places his hands in front of his face near the sun and their body starts to glow and then this attack blinds the opponent for a short amount of time.
Energy Dan:   Machine gun like attack using Ki blasts, I think in the translated version it is called "Rapid Fire Attack".
Body Change:  This is used by captain Ginyu.  Using this attack the user can switch bodies with his opponent.  The user has to be careful because he might end up switching bodies with a frog.......
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack:  This attack is used by Goten in Movie 12 and it is used to defeat Hitler and his army.  The user spits out multiple ghosts that look like the user that crash into the enemy and explode on impact.