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Anime Contest

"The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: November 13 2012, 01:21 AM
Title: New Dbz Movie Announced!
Well kids, it's time to access your inner teenager, because Dragon Ball Z is coming back!

It has been announced that a new Dragon Ball Z Movie written by AKIRA TORIYAMA (so none of that DBGT bullshit) will be released in Japanese theatres on March 30 2013. It will probably be out on DVD a few months later, and subbed a day or two after that!

(Maybe a shitty camera version will be out for us English speaking people a bit earlier, but do you really want to ruin your DBZ experience you've waited nearly 10 years for with a shitty cam version? I don't!)

No word on if/when an English dub version will be out.

Here is the official poster (click for larger version)

user posted image

The movie takes place after they defeat Kid Buu, but still in the DBZ Timeline, so expect kid Trunks, Goten, etc... the rest is unknown and can only be interpreted from the poster at this time!

Also, as a side note: I've been a retard for the past 3 years with our anniversary posts. In 2009 I said it was our 8th year, but it was really our 9th... and thus my big 10 year anniversary post was actually a year late! Whoops smile.gif Anyway, July 21 2012 would have been our 12th year anniversary, so happy late 12 years TCG! smile.gif

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: July 21 2011, 08:53 PM
Title: 10 Years
Well this is it. The big one oh. 10 years old. The Cell Game would be a 6th grader by now if it was a person.

Crazy to think about.

It's hard to imagine myself as I was 10 years ago. An excited little kid making a Dragon Ball Z website on homestead's little site builder. Reading my updates from back then, just shows me how full of life and excitement I was. For a long time, this website was a huge part of my life.

I remember going the whole day at school, thinking about nothing but getting home fast, and watching the newest episode of Dragon Ball Z, on my pirated satellite that got Cartoon Network, (and thus had the episodes earlier than the Canadians stuck with YTV) with my sisters, and then running upstairs to write an episode summary for the site. What I would give to go back to those days.

Not to mention responding to all the weird emails, and running the anime character tournament. I think these 3 things were my all time favourite sections I worked on for the site.

Thanks to The Cell Game, I have made friendships that will last me my whole lifetime, and will soon even be an in-law to someone I met due to making this website. A lot of people I now consider the best friends I've ever had, I met thanks to The Cell Game. This website also (indirectly) caused me to experience the hardest thing I've ever been through, and going through that made me a much stronger person. And no I wont share details on what I'm talking about smile.gif. I know this may sound lame, but I truly am thankful for it.

Not just me though, but a select few of our fans, say they owe much of their lives to this website. And that makes me feel kind of good.

Unfortunately though, most of us have moved on. For the last 5 years this site has been completely inactive, and I think that updating once a year to simply state that another year has gone by, may be a bit insulting to this website's memory. I think that this may be the last update TCG sees. There just doesn't seem to be any reason for me to say "hai guyz its been 11 years naow !!!" next year. Assuming it's even still up next year.

I was thinking of Designing a T-shirt for The Cell Game, but I wouldn't be able to ship it out for free to everyone who wanted it, nor would I want people paying for it, even if I priced it at cost. I was thinking of saying "10 Years" on it, but something like that would imply that this site has been going strong for 10 years and will keep going on strong. But that simply isn't true.

Well this has really been tl;dr so I'll cut it short by again, thanking everyone I thanked in my "5 year" post I made 5 years ago.

Anyone who has actually read this far, I thank you for listening to the words of a tired old fool past his prime (in the context of DBZ websites!)

I want to end this, with the most epic phone conversation that ever took place, between myself, and Ken (Trunks). This obviously isn't word for word, but you get it wink.gif

Me: dude we need a name for our website
Ken: man you hate everything I'm picking
Me: You're good at coming up with cool things, come on!
Ken: How about *insert bad site name here*
Me: nah
Ken: *insert another bad site name here*
Me: no that's awful
Ken: what about The Cell Game?

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: June 9 2011, 02:57 PM
Title: Fixed Some Stuff!
So my last update which was about a year ago, says that the links on the website didn't work, and you had to do some complicated procedure that nobody would bother doing, to view the website's content. Well fear not, I've finally updated the PHP scripts used, and the links are all working again.

I also updated the Old Layouts page, which seemed to be missing version 7 of the website. And I added a small paragraph to the About US page.

Ah, the combination of boredom and free time..

I cannot believe TCG is just 2 months away from being up for a decade. Crazy to think about.

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: July 21 2010, 06:06 AM
Title: 9 Years
So yeah, my last update was (exactly) 1 year ago.

And again, I will pop up from the shadows an "update" just to say Happy 9th Birthday TCG. Even though nothing has been updated in years, TCG will always be very special to me and I will kep it up as long as I can.

I can't believe it has been 9 years since I first started, that is more than 1/3 of my life and it's really crazy to think about.

On a less happier note, due to changes to our server, the website content isn't working, and it's hard for me to find time to fix it. BUT FEAR NOT.. if you REALLY want to see the content, just mouseover the link and you will notice something like:


copy the link, paste it into your browser, and delete the "main4.php?page=" and add ".html" to the end. For example, for the weird emals page you would have: http://thecellgame.net/weirdemails.html and you will be able to see the content.

The forums are working though, so you should check them out!

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: July 21 2009, 12:49 AM
Title: 8 Years
Happy 8 years TCG smile.gif

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: July 3 2009, 02:42 AM
Title: Just Saying Hi
Hey guys, I know it's been a while. For those who care, I'm still around smile.gif

Just wanted to say hi to the few of you who still visit the site. I am glad you are here reading this smile.gif

No, this is not a goodbye post or anything, I will never take this website down.

If you want to see something updated please let me know, maybe some day I will be able to find some time.

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: October 2 2008, 04:06 PM
Title: Dragon Ball Movie Trailer
It's been ages since I've actually posted any useful news here, but the trailer for the upcomming Dragon Ball Movie is out.


Seems pretty weak in my opinion. "I'm not ready for this" Is not something Goku would ever say, and he was not that tall in Dragon Ball... and don't even get me started on what they did to Piccolo.

Regardless, I'll still be watching this in theatres since it's, you know, dragonball smile.gif

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: June 30 2007, 02:25 PM
Title: Sorry About The Downtime
Sorry the website was down the past couple of weeks, I was having problems renewing the domain name, everything should be good now though.

I know that this is the first update of the year, but the fact is with JZ gone, me and Trunks in University this site just wont be updated anymore. I will still do my best to keep it up for the old time fans though. The forums will also be as active as the members who visit it, so check them out.

Peace out friends. Leeko.

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: October 15 2006, 01:45 PM
Title: Coalition Forums Is Back
For the few CF'ers who probably have been coming here looking for updates... it's back up. For non-CF'ers who still visit TCG... well go register there and have some fun smile.gif


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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: July 21 2006, 05:10 AM
Title: 6 Years
Happy 6 years TCG cool.gif

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Posted by: JZ
Date: July 11 2006, 04:23 AM
Title: Resignation
Whoops! It took an e-mail from a dedicated fan to make me realize.. I never did get a chance to say bye. So yeah, don't expect any more polls, cuz as of now, I am officially resigned from TCG. Thanks peoples smile.gif It was fun.. usually.

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: June 6 2006, 03:33 AM
Title: 6/6/6
Happy 6/6/6 Everybody!

Well it's my 21st birthday, and I told myself 5 years ago that I'd do some sort of update on TCG today, unfortunately there really isn't much to update and I've been really busy, I'm surprised I'm even writing this update. Half way into the year and only 1 update so far, it's pretty bad, but at least the site is still up smile.gif

Anyway, enjoy 6/6/6 cool.gif

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: December 30 2005, 10:40 AM
Title: Finalized
I basically already said this but there were a few things I left unfinished. Now everything down to my stupid 404 page should be working and everything should be as it was back on the old server.

Any problems just comment or e-mail me.

Have fun and Happy New Year everyone.

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Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: December 25 2005, 10:40 PM
Title: Back Up
Well a good Friend decided to host TCG. You may remember him as the webmaster of DBNightmare.com, with his multiple names... sssj9brolly, Brolly, Brollah or David. But yeah nice guy, he's hosting tcg smile.gif

We should be up for a long while now, post a comment if something isn't working that i screwed up during the move.

Comments: Post/View Comments
Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: December 19 2005, 05:17 PM
Title: Host Is Calling It Quits...
Well, after over 4 years of hosting me for free, my Host has decided to stop paying for his server. I honestly doubt anyone else out there would be as dedicated to hosting TCG as he was. It was a great run, and without him TCG surely would have stopped existing a long time ago and for that I can do nothing but thank him.

That aside, where does it leave the website? To be honest, I really don't know if I should buy a new host. We only get about 100 visitors a day now, we used to get 3000 not too long ago. As much as I'd like to update, people have moved on from DBZ first of all, secondly I'm in second year university now and I don't have any time at all for this.

The only thing this site has going for it now is the monthly poll, and the dedicated small group in the forum, who will probably be the only reason I do buy a new host.... if i do.

I really don't want to dish out money for a server for a site that is basically dead, and i'm not going to take donations either, because 1. nobody would donate, and 2. People can find better things to do with their money... seriously.

In short, if you don't want to see this site go, register on the forums and post a comment to this news post telling me why I should buy a new host. Otherwise 2005 might be TCG's last year sad.gif

Comments: 17  Post/View Comments
Posted by: JZ
Date: December 1 2005, 10:55 AM
Title: December Poll
It's on time, even though my life is even more hectic. So be thankful. I figured, since I am now working for the man, I made the poll slightly job related. *shrug* Go vote now!! And leave me some comments! This month was terrible for leaving me fun comments!!

McDonald's badabababa I'm lovin it
Great, now I'm gonna have that stupid song stuck in my head for the rest of the day

since its your birthday, JZ, you should give us a present.. like updating the poll come December 1
I don't see how that logic works, but the poll is on time nonetheless

Frieza is just annoying I soent half the time I watched DBZ I thought Frieza was a girl. Which was anoyying to me.well now I just think Frieza is just a big transexual so yeah.
You only think Freiza is a transexual.. You should know by now that he...she.... it, is!

JZ, will you kill Puar and Yamcha for me? I'll give you a dooooolllllllaaaaaaarrrrrrr. ~_^
A dollar doesnt seem like much, but I hardly need any motivation to off those two

Comments: Post/View Comments
Posted by: JZ
Date: November 11 2005, 10:33 AM
Title: November Poll
Hey you know what, I have a life. Some of you should try getting one too. However, I do apologize for the tardiness, I'll try to work on that for next month. It's hard coming up with ideas too people! And since none of you ever email me with suggestions I'm entirely on my own! So nyeeehhh *sticks out tongue* Yet, the wait is now over, so enjoy this month's poll and the comments on the comments!!!!

Comments on the Comments!!!
I'd want Namek regeneration, so I could sit in class and cut off my arm, scare the shit out of everyone, then five minutes later be like 'Ha! I fooled ya!' biggrin.gif
So that's what you sit and do during class, instead of oh say-- paying attention?

Saiyan Strength all the way because if you choose regeberation and I rip your head off well... You're gonna have a problem! So Saiyan strength!!! JZ you rock, Good poll
Yes, I do rock don't I ^__^

with all these good comments here, JZ probably wont comment on this one.
awww, cheer up emo kyd!

JZ we know you kick ass but... WHERES THE NEXT GOD DAMN POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's right there.. no.. a bit lower.. to your left! There you go!

JZ dosn't like us any more!! =( =[ WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! what did we do??? Can we give youy money to come back?
I'm always open to bribes!

Well,well,well seems like another month with no poll, eh I'll get over it.
Damn right you'll get over it!!!

I see you posting on CF, JZ. Why no poll? / jz.. you post in cf all the time,,,, how about a poll update
So i've got stalkers now.. that's a bit creepy!!

Comments: Post/View Comments
Posted by: JZ
Date: September 1 2005, 12:43 PM
Title: Lazy Bum Returns
Now before you get all antsy, yes, I took a break. So.. yeah.. deal with. This month's poll is plenty exciting though. So be all happy like. I didn't add the usual quips with them, mostly cuz there was no room, but they arent really necessary either. I tried to get a lot of variety, hence why some are squished with two.. you'll get it once you see it. So enjoy the poll of September, maybe it'll momentarily distract you from the crappiness that is school's return!! ^_______^

Comments on the Comments!!
Meh...Goku's a hero and earth's savior but it would make sense. Vegeta's gone to the hero side and villain side and back so many times I could be 40 by the time I finished ranting about him. Buu turned good, Frieza is only evil because he's only the biggest transexual in the universe, Pilaf is lame, Yamcha could be a villain secretly plotting behind everyone's backs because everyone thinks he's weak but he is in reality the most powerful super villain ever, Krillen is lame and should die, Android 18 is hot and Android 17 is pretty intimidating, and Piccolo has since been a hero. I'd have to go with Chi-Chi. Bulma can make Vegeta cower, but if Chi-Chi can make the world's most powerful fighter cower in fear who knows what she's capable of. -perfect-cell 99, a.k.a. PC
Novelization of this tale-- coming to a bookstore near you!

This poll is the only reason people visit this site... You should get your own URL and make your own site dedicated to these Polls, and your Comments On Comments. I swear, it would be the biggest thing!.... For a week....... If you're lucky.
That actually sort of amused me

worst poll ever
Alright, you make the next one then!! See how good yours would be >:}

Goku....because, deep down inside, we all know hes secretly the most evil of all DBZ characters...he just hides it till the cameras go off, and he can go smoke, and drink, and consort with hookers....
*shakes head* It's always the quiet ones..

Well.... You've made 98435734897534895 polls maybe your running outta ideas?
No such thing!

JZ, i know you dont have a lot of time in your hands, and unlike the other guys who want you to update, i still respect you.
Much appreciated.. I think......

Hehe JZ YOU RULE! =) -Inu-Kun
Damn right I do!

jz iff u donnt postd da nxt poll for agust thn i wil not go to this sit no mor
Considering all your spelling errors, I believe your threat has become invalidated!

Comments: Post/View Comments
Posted by: Gohan3k
Date: August 9 2005, 06:01 PM
Title: We've Got A Hacker!
So yeah, apparently TCG has a hacker... I say it's about time, after 5 whole years nobody has even attempted to hack TCG. I feel so special now.

And no I'm not joking.. i Just really don't care, I've got everything backed up so whatever. Those of you who saw the splash page a while ago saw the hacker's "message".

Our host is doing everything he can to get this hacker out, I'll post more news on this as I get it.

Comments: Post/View Comments
Posted by: Arsenal Tengu
Date: July 22 2005, 06:18 PM
Title: Lazy Mans 5 Year Announcement
It's been 5 years since the site launched.

Several million have found their way here.

A forum started for the tournament has founded a tight community of friends.

And for what started as a small personal interested site, it has WTFPWNED many in it's wake.

Gohan3K would like to thank all the staff and visitors/forum users that help keep the site going.

That is all ^_^

Comments: Post/View Comments

Posted by: _JZ_
Date:  Wednesday, February 9 2005
Without further ado, thanks to my wonderful Gohan3k's assistance, the newly updated poll is on display for one and all! So you all better vote! That's all for now! *holds up cape and dissapears in a poof of smoke*

Posted by: _JZ_
Date:  Tuesday, February 8 2005
Subject: OMG!!
EVERYBODY!!! GOOD NEWS!! I CAN NOW UPDATE THE POLL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yeah, it's exciting! The new poll will be up shortly! Thanks for your patience everyone!

Posted by: Gohan3k
Date:  Thursday, February 3 2005
Subject: Full eps/movies are coming back
Hey everyone, I'd just like to inform you all that after 2 -3 years, TCG's full episodes and movies will be coming back VERY soon.

Stay on the look out ;)

Posted by: Gohan3k
Date:  Friday, January 28 2005
Subject: Hmmmm
Ever since the new layout was added, hits have been dropping a lot. I'm guessing this is due to people not liking the new layout, I've switched all links back to Version 4 for now, and brought back the old splash. If within a week the hits don't go back up, I'll put up Version 7 again.

Posted by: Gohan3k
Date:  Tuesday, January 25 2005
Subject: New Server
We've switched to a new server, the site should load a lot quicker, and no I don't mean 1.9 seconds instead of 2 seconds, i mean A LOT faster. The new server is really amazing, and has really good specs. Enjoy :P

Posted by: Gohan3k
Date:  Friday, January 21 2005
Subject: Downtime..
To those who remember I warned people that 'thecellgame.net' might stop working because the domain company was trying to illegaly charge me $50, but I got out of it for free and am with a better company now after totally screwing over the bad company :)

That's why there may have been a few hours of downtime but everything should be good now.

Posted by: Gohan3k
Date:  Saturday, January 15 2005
Subject: The Rebirth of a Legend
Before I say anything, and I know this is a little late, I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year.

Last night I was reading the old updates of The Cell Game and I looked back at how much I would update everyday.. day after day I'd come home from school Just to update the site. Then in 2003 something happend.. I stopped updating frequently.. it became a bit worse in 2004.. the updates came even slower.

But now, this is 2005, I told myself I would not update in 2005 until I finally have something significant added to the website, and this is what I've spent the past few hours on.

Of course the obvious.. version 7 is finally here, it's a Layout a friend named Anik made for me. I really like the layout, I know it's doesn't have the custom black background.. but it still has our green. It might be different than what you're used to on TCG, so if you go to the new splash page [click here] you can choose which version of TCG you want to view the site with. There is a small problem with version 4 appearing always on some pages but I will try to fix this asap.

The Layout and splash weren't the only things updated...

If you scroll to the bottom you'll see a "past updates" link, this will show 90% of all of TCG's past news updates, from November 2000 to January 2005, i thought some of you may enjoy that.

I've also added a few more animations to the animations page.. it's not a big update, however I've been wanting to add these animations for 3 years now ;) Also, I've added a lot of history to the "About our site" page, and added more banners to the Link Us Page

JZ will be glad to know that after 2 and a half years, I finally updated the previous polls page to show the history and results of all her great polls.

Other than that, I organized all the folders of the site, and killed some dead links (Saiyans Level page, DBAF page, Old layouts page and some others)

If you notice anything wrong with TCG, please e-mail me.

And if you noticed the title of this update.. it's called "Rebirth of a Legend" Let's face it.. update wise TCG has been dead for 2 years, besides a few updates here and there.. I am going to change that in 2005 and try to update at least once a week (or once every 2 weeks if i have tests to study for).

I hope you enjoyed this big update :)

Posted by: _JZ_
Date:  Friday, January 7 2005
Subject: Poll News
Hey everybody, I tried getting the poll working today, but whenever I sign in, it just seems to refresh the page. Perhaps it'll sort itsself out.. but for now you're just gonna have to be amused by the...


Well I pick trunks but i don't know why. Anyway Here JZ her's your money *Gives you $5000 for puting her on comments on comments* Oh ya I'm not getting rid of my name! Peace out! ~SaiyanPrincess
Yay! Money!!! ^_^ *makes her legally change the name*

JZ is a sexy sexy man
You know it... hey wait a second..!!!

Oh well. I'll never be cool enough to get a spot on Comments On The Comments so why bother? -perfect_cell99
Says youuuu

This site deserves to be #1, it just hasn't got enough marketing behind it! Maybe you should have Gohan3K soda pop. Or _JZ_ lingerie. Damn, would I buy those in a second. And maybe Jaz could come out with his own Comedy show. Come on, guys. Maybe DBZ will come back again for another generation. Then we'll be cooking. Aite, later hos
Wow, that's a good idea!! *steals it and copyrights*

Too bad jz wont comment on this comment.
Oh won'tI??

Jz do you have a grudge against me for "breaking you adamantium frying pan?" ? Just wondering... - Extreme_Masamune
Yes I do. You have no idea how costly it was to produce such an efficient and lightweight instrument

I bet $1,000,000 that this post will NOT be on Jz's comments on comments, the funnest, most exciting thing on this site. (This site rules nonetheless) What If I partially quote :o

Happy birthday JZ!! although it's not your birthday yet..
Yay to me

Posted by: _JZ_
Date:  Sunday, December 26 2004
Subject: Lazyness
Hey, I'm sorry. The lazyness took over. Just wait another 5 days and I'll get your new poll up. saiyan_princess_jz@hotmail.com if you have any suggestions! Make sure to include options (which may be subject to change if I see fit) Thanks guys! Happy Holidays n what not!

Posted by: _JZ_
Date:  Thursday, December 2 2004
Subject: Little update on the lack of update
Hey guys, I thought I'd inform you that I have a really heavy school workload and I won't be able to update til sometime this weekend! Sorry :(

Past Updates