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About The Cell Game

Staff: Trunks, JZ, Jaz
Date Started:  July 21 2000
Date Completed:  Never, ;)
Subject of Site:  Dragonball Z
Created in:  Canada
Brief History
Here is a (very) brief history of The Cell Game.. a lot of stuff is missing, this may be updated more later on
On July 21 2000 I (Gohan3k) was bored so I thought why not make a cool webpage, so I started fidling around with my site builder and came up with a layout (you can click here to see the first layout we ever had with some Vegeta Animated Gifs, but remember the navigation will be messed up) and decided to call this website "Gohan's Realm 2000" and by August I had a lot of sections up and launched the site.  When my friend (Trunks) looked at my site he realized I needed a lot of help, he told me to change the layout so I came up with another layout and he said our site name was too stupid, I agreed so me and Trunks went through site names on the phone until finally he said how about "The Cell Game" and i said "that's friggin perfect!"... and of course we stuck with it and officially launched for the first time  ever, The Cell Game on our first day of the site, which is September 27 2000.  Our first host of course, was the dreaded Homestead.. the free host of death. 2000 was the year of Versions 1, 2, and 3.... versions 1 and 2 didn't last long and unfortunately version 2 is lost forever. I need to mention the first few affiliates we had when we started, Saiyanslair, DBZ Elite Force, Vegetto's Nemesis, Majin Trunks3k... sites that all no longer exist :(
Yes 2000 was the start of something great, but it was only the beginning....
After a while in 2001, we realized we were getting many hits and we needed to leave homestead and get an even better layout.  Now desperate for help I wrote an update asking for someone to make us a layout and that is exactly what happened, Morrik of KNvegeta.com was nice enough to offer a layout to our site.  Version 4.. this is the layout that has accompanied TCG the longest.. (it even makes a long return later on). Me and Trunks worked very hard in transferring everything to this new layout, it was really hard transferring everything from homestead to html files, since homestead is the crappiest thing ever, but by March 17 it was done.  2001 is where TCG's prime began, we were getting 1000 - 3000 hits per day depending on the time period, In my opinion that is very good... 2001 was also the dreaded period where i put up forced voting for full episodes, and because of that we actually made it to #1 on anime100 for a full week (starting April 18). This is also when we were screwed by a site called "fire anime" who said they'd host us but ended up going down and not letting me update letting everyone know. However this is also the year the owner of dbstorm hosted us.. and still hosts us to this day!  Later on in the year Morirk even made us ANOTHER layout which was version 5! Also, I should mention this is the year we got the domain thecellgame.net... on June 20 to be exact :)
2002 was started by the addition of a new staff member named Jaz, who made the DBDP flash episodes that are currently on the website that many people seem to enjoy even to this day.  This also marks where Version 6 was added to the cell game, made by chris, the owner of the old site sayjin blood.  Also.. the person who has been doing the most work on TCG in recent times (near end of 2004) is JZ.. the poll updater! She is the coolest person in the world.. and adding her to tcg was probably the smartest thing I have ever done. Another huge event that took place in 2003, was the anime character tournament.. in which many anime characters faced off in polls.. the winner was Gogeta.
This was a very sad year for TCG, and i hate to say it, but this marks where The cell game's prime was over, yes the cell game may never be the same, with the dragonball fad disappearing, and people taking down dragonball posters, and moving on to other anime, such as evengelion, Inuyasha, Cowbow Bebop, and all those other crazy anime out there. But I refuse to let TCG die even though there are barely any updates taking place... this was unfortunately a very bad year for TCG.. nothing much happened at all... The only significant change worth mentioning was that in February i brought back version 4 of tcg, which is my favourite TCG layout.  The few things that were added are JZ's comments on comments.. very clever i must say :)...
Updates were still slow in 2004, however there were some big additions to TCG. The biggest one being the Forum, first a YaBB and now an Invision Board.. a forum for TCG alone was long overdue, and it's void unfortunately couldnt' be filled by coalition forums, I needed something that was TCG only, and in my opinion the board was.. and still is very successful and it's been updated a lot.  Another big update was the anime tournament... sadly Gogeta won it again -_-... Other than that this was another slow year for TCG, but i plan to change things...
The future does not await a new generation... It awaits the rebirth of the old generation, a rebirth of legends.  The re-birth of The Cell Game...
Legends Never Die
2006 - 2011

"Legends never die". The words I used to last update this page. At 26 years of age, and nearing 10 years of this website's existence, I can finally admit The Cell Game has died. A string of events made what little was left of the site, go down in flames.. 2006 marked the departure of JZ, the only person left who still updated the website (even thought it was just the polls, it was hard work, her polls and the "comments on comments" section, kept people coming back), due to a falling out we had.. the slow death of forum activity which occurred around 2008-2009 (although some people still pop in there every now and then!), and finally, every link on the website ceasing to function, TCG was utterly destroyed. Well guess what.. who cares? I fixed the links, so they work now, and the forums are still there, so if you care about the website, go there and tell me! I still check it every week! This website is still a great source of information on dragon ball z, the weird e-mails will get a laugh out of the most un-humorous type of people, this place tells the story of  what the internet in the DBZ community was like in the early 21st century, and as long as I can prevent it from going down, this site will always be here!