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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you will find questions that have been asked many times, this list is to answer questions that most people have and you should read this before you contact us.

Q:  Can you send me a pic?
A:  Sorry but the answer is no, but if you want a pic all the pics we have are on the pics section of our site and all you have to do is right click it and choose save picture as use them all u want.
Q:  Can I copy (place any sort of information here) for my site?
A:  NO! Sorry but ALL our info is original and it took us forever to type up so I can't let anyone take our info it is all copyrighted, and this also includes humor and any other text written material (check the disclaimer)
Q:  Do you want this pic of SSJ5 Goku?
A:  Read the DBAF section.
Q:  Can you send me the pic of SSJ5 Goku
A: Read the DBAF section
Q:  The Full Episodes/Movies don't work, HELP ME!
A:  We are sorry if they don't work, but we re-upload them sometimes once they are deleted but they get deleted so fast so sorry, but we will try to keep them up as long as we can.
Q:  Can I be a staff member of this site
A:  Sorry but....Just no, I'm not looking for staff, I have no reason to explain myself but that's all, no staff is needed
Q:  Can  you help me with my site?
A:  Sorry the staff members here have no time, and we are busy with our own site. 
Q: Wassssssaaaaaaaaaaaaap?!?!?!
A:  *Looks Up*, The Sky
Q:  What is your real name???
A:  You can always guess, or find it somewhere............so far less than 10 people that i only know online know it
Q:  Who are those people, I want to force them to tel....I mean speak with them
A: *cough*
Q:  How on earth is your site so popular, and how do you get all these hits?
A: I wouldn't consider this site to be that popular, and the answer is I HAVEN'T GOT A CLUE!!
Q:  Can I affiliate with you, I get 12 0000 visitors per day?
A: No
Q:  Can you rate my layout/graphics?
A: No, I'm not good at giving honest opinions, even if I think it looks like crap, I'd say it's good, you're better off asking someone who isn't afraid to tell the truth.
Q:  I downloaded the full movies/episodes/any other stuff but it wont work on my computer
A: Every single thing I upload is tested on my computer before I upload it, so if it doesn't work it's not my fault, It's your computers fault.