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>>Things to Know

This section gives general information on Dragonball, you could say it's for people who are new to Dragonball and need to know the basics.

The Dragonballs

When a Namekian (a green species from a planet called Namek) named Kami came to Earth he wanted to rule as the guardian but had an evil force in him.  Once he got rid of this evil force a kid name Goku killed the force but it had an offspring named Piccolo.  At this point Kami had created 7 little balls each with a different number of stars in them.  These were called Dragonballs.  When all seven are collected the Eternal Dragon Shenron will appear and grant a wish as long as it is within Kami's power and he will not grant the same wish twice.  If either Kami or Piccolo die the dragonballs will disappear.
Brief Description on Dragonball Z
Dragonball Z is an anime (Japanese animation) with the Z fighters battling and training to get stronger so they can battle some more and defeat stronger opponents.  The Japenese version and English version are very much different since the swearing and violence is censored in Canada.  In the beggining Dragonball used to be very basic and had nothing to due with anything except for collecting the dragonbals.  By the beggining of Dragonball Z though it got a lot better and the storyline grew a lot.  This time Dragonball is about protecting Earth and destroying villains who threaten it.