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>>Funny Flash Episodes

Welcome to funny flash episodes, These flash episodes were made by my  Jaz. If you like them or thought they were funny e-mail Jaz Sorry but they are hosted on geocities, for some reason they would not work on our server.
Warning: There's some really bad language in these, but still they are extremely funny in a strange strange way.  Jaz is not trying to make fun of dragonball or of vegeta...just trying to make you laugh!
DBDP Episode One - Goku, Vegeta, Gohan Trunks and....Michael Jackson
DBDP Episode Two - Um Well.....you'll see
DBDP Episode Three - This movie is stranger than the last, but still funny...
DBDP Episode Four - Who killed Ben Aflec?
DBDP Episode Five - The Plot Thickens....
DBZ Game One - Can you successfully defeat Raditz, and make the right decisions?