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Did You Know

Welcome to the Did you Know Section of our site.  This is not really humor but it's sort of like Pointless facts that you probably didn't know.  You can find out a lot here!
Did you Know..........
At one point in Dragonball Z Piccolo was stronger than SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta? It's true the  moment he fuses with Kami, is the moment he was stronger than all the Z warriors.  Too bad it didn't last to long, only until Trunks and Vegeta came out of the Time Chamber.  Too Bad for Piccolo.
Tien was the only human to help in the fight with Buu?  He saved Gohan when Buu fired at him by deflecting the shot.  You would think since Krillan is the strongest human he would help but oh well, knowing Krillan.........
How many of you think Goku sounds like a girl in the Japanese version.  Well It's because his Voice Actor is a woman in fact her name is Masako Nozawa, (Maseko=Masenko is that where it came from?)  She also did the voices of Goten and Gohan.
There are over 450 characters in all of Dragonball??  Well there are and that is a lot of characters.  If you want you can click HERE to see many of the characters.
We all remember Nappa, well did you know he had hair once!!! It was shown in the Bardock special.  Here is a screenshot I took:

Gohan has the potential to become the most powerful being ever.  Chi-Chi altered Dragonball Z greatly, imagine how strong Gohan would be if Chi-Chi didn't make him study.  Once Goku learnt of Gohan's powers, if Chi-Chi wasn't in the picture Gohan would have trained hard and probably been strong enough to Kill Perfect Cell before training in the Time Chamber and after that he might have been able to kill Buu himself, and still in GT he would have wiped out Super 17 and the evil dragons but instead he becomes a Scholar.  We've all seen his hidden powers and know this is true so don't argue!

Most of us know this but for those of you who only watch English Dragonball Z later in the series Krillan does get Hair.  Here is a picture (there is Goten and Trunks in the background!)

Get this Planet Vegeta used to be called planet plant and from that planet grew many Vegetables like Vegeta, Radidtz and...............No seriously though before the Saiyans took over planet Vegeta used to be called Planet Plant.
If it wasn't for Mr. Satan the world would have been destroyed.  He threw 16's head to Gohan and Cell crushed it making him go Super Saiyan 2 and destroying Cell. If it wasn't for him Cell would have blown up the Earth.
Solar Flare is useless if the target is wearing sunglasses.