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Here you can download Wav clips of the dragonball characters.  Click on the name to download them.  More coming soon!




1. Doot

Gohan: Doot do Doot do Doot do Doot.
17 KB
2. Strong Gokou: Man, I feel strong enough to take on 10 Vegetas
71 KB
3. Leave
Goku: My name is Goku, and I live here. Now leave us alone
54 KB
4. Eating
Gohan eating an apple (Japenese)
85 KB
Killin: Hey, if I die, you can wish me back with the Dragon Balls, ok!
52 KB
6. Nuts
Killin: If you thought we were gonna give you this Dragon Ball, you're nuts
82 KB
7. Bad
Nappa: We're bad! Vegeta: Well...A little.
11 KB
Nappa: Yep, it's not easy being a role model. Little punks lookn' up to ya.

40 KB

9. Weak
Piccolo: You'll never succeed. You're too weak!
48 KB
10. Leg hair
Raditz: Goodness, you've managed to singe some of my leg hairs.
60 KB
Trunks talking in Japenese!
642 KB
12. Want some
Vegeta: Is that enough for ya! Huh! Ya want some more!
12 KB
13. Strap
Vegeta: You thought I was horrible with the tail! Well strap yourself in!
97 KB
14. Jerks
Yamcha: Well I'm not gonna bow down to those Saiyan jerks!
34 KB
15. Galligun
Vegeta: I don't need this sinking plant.... I 'll just use my galligun and blow the whole thing up!
200 KB
Goku: Genki Dama (Japanese)
64 KB
Goku: Kaioken x3
499 KB
18. Masenko
Gohan: Masenko (Japanese)
13 KB
19. Wrath
Vegeta: I'll get you for this! You won't escape! MY WRATH!
143 KB
20. Oppose
Vegeta: You should know better then to oppose VEGETA!
10 KB
Trunks: Burning attack (Japanese)
24 KB
22. Shirt
Vegeta: What are you looking at! Trunks: Oh uh, nothing, it's just that I uh...like your shirt...Vegeta: You would
75 KB
23. Beefy
Gohan: Hey, My arms are getting pretty beefy
33 KB
24. Impressed
Vegeta: Ha,Ha,Ha, Oh I hate to say this, but I am impressed
144 KB
25. Critique
Vegeta: Ha ha ha, thanks for the critique Kakarot, but would you mind not butting in So far I've done pretty well looking after myself, you see Super Saiyans tend to be violent.
236 KB
26.Get You
Vegeta: I'll get You!
80 KB
27. Fry
Vegeta: Prepare to fry!
112 KB
28. Punk
Vegeta: So, do you feel like taking on a real Saiyan, well speak up you punk because if you do come and get a piece of me
207 KB
29. Excited
Vegeta: Unlike the Saiyan you've been fighting, I get excited at the prospect of finishing off a warrior who is weaker than I.... and your much weaker
68 KB
30. Toying
Vegeta: I hope that you realize that up until now, I've only been toying with you
87 KB
31. Rat
Vegeta: Well if you won't come out on your own, then I'll flush you put like a rat!
163 KB
32. Recoom
Recoome: My name is Recoom, it rhymes with doom and you'll be hurting all to soon
56 KB
33. Intro
DBZ Intro (Cartoon Network feat.Moltar)
291 KB
34. Short
Gohan: Hey, you grew up with my dad didn't you, He said guys underestimated you because your so short. Krillin: Short huh, Well, we were the same size but then he kept on growing and I didn't.
231 KB
35. Universe
Vegeta: I...am Vegeta...the strongest soldier in the universe..........this cant be happening
153 KB
36. Power
Krillin: The Power, the power....THE POWER!!! IT IS I WHO NOW POSSESSES THE.....POWER!!!
219 KB
37. Heart
Gohan: My heart feels like it's going to pop right out of my chest.....stay there
86 KB
38. Beauty
Vegeta: Beauty huh, I think you could use a makeover
72 KB
39. Boom
(Sound of Recoome falling) Goku: That must be the Recoome Boom
94 KB
40. Balls
Freiza: Having these balls makes me feel something that resembles joy I think.....I want to caress them. (LOL)
150 KB
41. Putty
Gohan: Lets rumble you big ol'pig piece of putty! Dodoria: Anytime! Runt!
62 KB
Trunks: If they set that android free it will be the end of all of us!!!  NO.............!!!!!
79 KB
Vegeta: Why do you keep looking over here?  Haven't you ever seen a pink shirt before?  If you like it that much you can have it.  Trunks: No, no thank you.  Vegeta: Than knock it off kid.
139 KB