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>>What If

Ever wonder what would happen on Dragonball if some event didn't happen.  Well it's the little things on Dragonball that help save the world I mean if Piccolo didn't tell Raditz about the Dragonballs the world would have been destroyed.  To find out how keep reading. More coming in this section soon!
What if....
There was no such thing as a Super Saiyan?
Okay this goes back to the Freeza fight at the point where Krillan dies.  Goku would have become extremely angry but since there is no Super Saiyan legend he would not be able to go Super Saiyan.  Well obvioulsy Freeza would have killed him and then Piccolo and Gohan would be saved because King Kai would have still had the plan to wish everyone back to the planet Earth while Goku and Freeza fight.  Freeza would have won and Namek would have been destroyed.  Now since Goku is dead it doesn't really make a difference since he would have died of the heart disease anyway (this is the alternate future we're talking about.)  Now when the androids attack everyone would be killed except Gohan and Trunks but they can't go Super Saiyan! (so far this whole not being able to go Super Saiyan has changed nothing) Gohan would have been killed very easily by 17 and 18 since he can't go Super Saiyan.  Trunks would have trained on his own and avoided the androids since he is nowhere near as strong as them.  When the time machine is made Trunks would travel back in time but he would not be able to save Goku since he is on Namek.  What he would be able to do though is warn them about the androids.  They would all train hard but when 19 and 20 finally come they would know everything about the Z fighters (in the real story they didn't know about going Super Saiyan) and the Z fighters would not stand a chance.  One by one they would be defeated......but Trunks would be born and would not fight because he is too weak.  Now again Bulma would make another time machine and Trunks would go back in Time Again!!!! He will tell that the androids are too powerful and kill them all and this time he would stay with the Z fighters and train.  This time when the androids come there would be different ones (just like 19 and 20 were different to Trunks when he came to the timeline we know) let's say androids 1 and 2.  These androids would be really weak (just like 19 and 20 were weak compared to 17 and 18) so the Z fighters would take them out......but then get killed by 19 and 20 anyways since they can't go Super Siayan.  Now since there is yet another baby Trunks he would go back in time.............This story would go on forever lets just stop here.  (this might be long and confusing but if you are a true fan you would understand)
Piccolo didn't tell Raditz about the Dragonballs?
Well Vegeta and Nappa wouldn't have come to Earth which means Trunks wouldn't be born and this wont confuse you like the above.  Well anyways after Raditz goes Goku would still be dead and eventually wished back....without training at King Kai's.  Now he would die of the heart disease since there is no Trunks to give him the medicine and 17 and 18 would kill everyone and destroy the Earth the end.
The Saiyan Race Didn't Exist?
Bulma wouldn't be able to stop Pilaf from collecting the dragonballs and he would have taken over the world...but knowing Pilaf he probably wouldn't have destroyed it and instead he would have just made everyone his slave.  And that's basically it because everyone would have to obey him, even the androids if they were born and he would just get more powerful and keep getting more control over the world.
Goku never got hit on the head as a baby?
Well he would have eventually rid all life on Earth and when Raditz come he would rejoin him, Nappa and Vegeta and work for Freeza and soon Freeza would have control over the whole universe.  Pretty cool huh?

Vegeta wasn't born?
Only Nappa would have come to Earth and being stupid he would have probably been killed without Goku even coming to Earth.  Happy ending or another way the androids would win? Yep you guessed it, no Trunks which means no warning about the androids which means Goku would die of the heart disease and the Androids would destroy the planet.
Future Gohan and Future Trunks destroyed 17 and 18?
I personally wished that this had happened because Future Gohan and Future Trunks are 2 of my favorite characters.  But anyways back to the story.  In the future timeline (which would now be the present timeline) Future Gohan and Future Trunks (let's just call them Gohan and Trunks now) would ask Bulma to make some sort of ship so that they can travel to the new Namek (King kai would have told Gohan where it is located) and they would have wished back 3 people (3 wishes one person each with the Namek dragonballs.) they would have wished back Goku, Piccolo and someone else most likely Krillan.  The gang would then come back to earth and collect the dragonballs now that Piccolo is back and then wish back all those killed by the androids.  Here everyone would be pretty strong but Trunks would not be a Super Saiyan and all the rest would only be at level one, and then they would be all destroyed by Buu.
What if there was no Mr. Satan?
Cell would have destroyed the planet.  How you ask? Well if he didn't throw android 16's head to Gohan, Gohan would have never gone Super Saiyan 2 , the Cell Jr.'s would have defeated the Z Warriors since Goku was tired out, Cell would then destroy Gohan and then the planet