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All movies here are in MPEG format so you will need windows media player to view them.  To download these files right click the DESCRIPTION and go to "save target as".  If   "save target as" is light gray or disabled, that means content advisor is on, you're going to ask whoever put it on (parents or guardians) to disable it in order to download these correctly.
-Unless marked otherwise, all clips are the Japanese/REAL version of DBZ
Description Length Size
1.  Gohan goes SSJ2 1 minute 27 seconds 4MB
2.  Goku Teleports Cell (English Version) 1 minute 58 seconds 4.3MB
3.  SSJ2 Gohan kills Bojack 1 minute 78 Seconds 2.3MB
4.  Trunks Fires at the Androids (English) 25 Seconds 1.5MB
5.  Cell Kills Trunks 10 Seconds 1.6MB
6.  SSJ2 Gohan fights Cell Jrs 28 seconds 4.2MB