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>>Name Meanings

Ever wonder where they got those weird names the characters have on dragonball... Well the answer is pretty funny.  Check out what the names of your favorite characters mean in Japanese or what word it came from in English
Name                         Meaning (or play on word)
Gohan:                        Fried Rice
Goku:                          Giant Monkey
Kakarott:                     Carrot  (he he)
Vegeta                        Vegetable
Nappa:                        Chinese Salad
Raditz:                         Radish (what's up with the vegetables)
Goten:                         Air
Bulma:                         Girl's Gym Shorts
Trunks:                        Trunks (obviously)
Freeza:                        Freezer
Cooler:                        Cooler ( like brother like brother)
Krillan:                         Chestnut
Jeice:                          Juice  (that's why his face is red)
Berter:                         Butter
Ginyu:                         Milk
Zarbon:                        A kink of fruit (that's why he's so fruity)
Yamcha:                      Chinese for "drink tea"
Marron:                        Japanese spelling of the French word
Pilaf:                            Japanese for rich dish
Dr.  Brief:                     mens underwear
Chaioutzu:                    stickers
Tien:                             a type of fried rice
Puar:                            a type of tea
Vedil:                           Devil scrambled up
Piccolo:                        A type of flute
Nail:                             Pun on Snail
Tsuno:                          Japanese for horn
Pan:                             Bread
Brolly::                         Pun on Brocoli (whats up with fruits and vegetables)
Cell:                             Cell
Guldo:                          Japanese for Yogurt
Recoome:                     Pun on cream