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Here you can find when and what wishes occurred throughout Dragonball.  Right now it's just important wishes I'll add more to it soon and make it very detailed and include wishes from movies and specials
Pilaf Saga
Oolang wished for underwear before Pilaf could wish to rule the world, and this underwear was later given to Goku who lost his clothes after an oozaru transformation.
Dragonball Z
Saiyan Saga
Master Roshi, Bulma and Oolong wish Goku back with the Dragonballs after he finished his training with King Kai.
Freeza Saga (it gets complicated here)
Using the Namekian dragonballs (which allow three wishes) Dende wishes Piccolo back, and for the next wish they wish Piccolo to the Planet Namek.  Now since Vegeta comes in and demands immortality Dende is forced into wishing for that by Krllan (he thinks it's for the best) but Guru dies and the dragonballs Disappear.
Now Mr.  Popo has the dragonballs on Earth and wishes back those killed by Freeza (Guru was killed by Freeza since the grief of all the deaths killed him)  and this brings back the dragon on Namek with one more wish left
Now Dende wishes everyone on Planet Earth except Goku and Freeza since Namek is about to explode.
Back on Earth Guru makes another elder the gaurdian of the Namekian Dragonballs and when they regenerate Bulma, Gohan, Dende and the others try to wish back Goku but he is not dead, so they try to wish Goku to Earth but the dragon tells them Goku does not want to come back.  So they wish back Krillan and then wish him back to Eath and then wish back Yamcha.  When the dragonballs regenerate again for the first wish Tien, the second wish Chioutzu are brought back to life and then the last wish wished the Namekians to a new planet of their own.
Cell/Android Saga
Dende summons the eternal Dragon and Yamcha wishes that everyone killed by Cell should be brought back to life.
Since this time the Dragon gives two wishes (Dende altered it) Krillan wishes that the bombs in Android 17 and 18 should be taken out so that atleast 18 (who he loves) can live in peace.
Buu Saga
Dende wishes back eveyone who was killed when Buu blew up the Earth (more details on this wish soon)
Movie 1-The Dead Zone
Garlic Jr.  Wishes himself to be immortal after collecting all the dragonballs.
Movie 2-The World's Strongest Man
The old man who is Dr. Whillows assistant wishes that all the ice on the mountains that not even the sun can melt should be melted so that he can rescue Dr. Whillow who is trapped underneath.
Movie 3-The Tree of Might
Since a forest has been burned down and all these animals lost their homes, Krillan and Gohan wish the forest to be restored.
Movie 13-Dragon Fist Assult
Hoi tricks Goku into wishing an oracle to be opened so that Tapion, who contains an evil monster named Hidegarn is released and so that Hidegarn can destroy the universe.
Dragonball GT
Pilaf Wishes Goku to be a child (it was an acciden't he says "man I wish you were a kid again Goku"  (more details on Dragonball Gt will come once the rest of this section is up)