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Welcome to one of the most popular sections of our site; obsessed with DBZ!  Well are you obsessed with DBZ? Find out here.

1. You are actually enjoying the midi that is playing (download it at the midi section)
2. You cry every time you see Piccolo save Gohan from Nappa
3. You actually played the voice of Vegeta in DBZ
4. You wish you did
5. You are designing your own DBZ video game for the Computer
6. You tell your friends that you are actually an evil clone
7. You go to the toy store and buy 7 basketballs and paint stars on them. Then you spend the rest of the day trying to get Shenron to come out
8. You actually do call out Shenron but then waist your wish on underwear and then never see him again. But you never change that underwear again
9.  You get AOL, ICQ or MSN Messenger just to make a DBZ  Screen-Name and to  fight people and prove that you really are a Saiyan
10. When you are bored you make up silly puns of the characters' names such as Got a Ten? (Goten), Pick a whole (Piccolo), Dull mom (Bulma), Trout Zoo (Chaioutzu)  and then call your friend Gohan just to tell them the names you made up.
11. You can really go Super Saiyan
12. You watch the same DBZ tape over and over and act surprised when an attack starts, even know you knew it was coming a mile away
13.  You cried for hours when Freeza killed Vegeta, and you cried for days when Vegeta killed himself trying to stop Majin Buu
14. You Try and build a small space pod and tell your friends you were  sent down to Earth with it
15. You actually look like Goku
16. You convince yourself that you were born on Planet Vegeta and  that your parents found you and lied to you about you being their child
17. You brag to your friends about blowing up a certain planet with a fighting force
18. You wear two earrings and convince your friends that you are Vegetto
19. You learn every lyric of every song and try and actually do what they say (train a dinosaur to ride a ball?)
20. You're real name is Zarbon (sucks to be you)
21. You have two imaginary friends: Goku and Vegeta
22. You threaten to summon Goku and Vegeta to this dimension if your buddies make you mad
23. You practice for hours a day trying to fly
24. You actually learn to fly
25. You get Christmas ornaments and put red star stickers on them and tell your friends they are the real Dragon Balls
26. You are as cocky as Vegeta or more
27. Your e-mail address contains, SSJ, Gohan, Goku, Trunks or Vegeta
28. You insult people by calling them humans
29. Whenever you fall you say that you fall because you don't have your tail anymore
30. You jump off a pool deck trying to fly and end up breaking your leg
31. You jump off a pool deck and actually DO fly!
32. While running track you think you're Goku and run your fastest because he could do it in a second, and end up hitting a wall
33. You think you feel power flowing around you, like an enemy is near
34. You spend weeks trying to fuse with your friend and all you do is get a rash from your fingers touching so much
35. You do not cut your hair for 5 years then stick it up like Vegeta's  with 20 lbs of hair spray and end up being called a freak
36. You try and crush a rock in your hand, but just end up hurting  yourself
37. You dye your hair yellow, put on tons of gel, put on a blue spandex outfit and call yourself SSJ Vegeta.
38. You lose a fight because you spent the whole time trying to form a Spirit Bomb
39. You continue to chant Kamehameha
40. You force your friends to call you Vegeta
41. You paint six small dots on your forehead and make corny jokes
42. You actually think it is possible to have hair like Goku's
43. You dye your hair purple and buy a plastic sword and put a capsule corp. symbol on the shoulder part of your new blue jacket
44. You build a time machine and expect it to work
45. You try and make a gravity machineand you succeed!
46. You Highlight your hair and call yourself a Super Saiyan
47. You spend most of your free time thinking about DBZ, and when  you are not thinking about it, you are drawing it
48. You are Reading this
49. You wake up at 6:30 to watch Full House (I mean....ummm)
50. You plant a cherry tree the Tree of Might
51. You consider Goku to be a possible role model
52. You spend all your time working on a DBZ site
53. You expect to find Higher Dragons in a burning forest
54. You go to Japan just to watch real DBZ
55. You give your friends DBZ names
56. You go to a farm and get a pig, name it Oolong, go home and expect it to talk and shape shift
57. You legally change your Goku, Gohan, Vegeta or Trunks
58. You want to legally change your name to the above
59. You get a PlayStation just for "DBGT: Final Bout"
60. You ask your girlfriend to legally change here name to Bulma
61. You know EVERY character's name that was ever in DB, DBZ,  and DBGT
62. You call your girlfriend Videl, Bulma, or Chi-Chi too many times and then brake up with her. 
63. You try and train yourself to make sounds like Higher Dragon
64. You make Future Trunks's outfit to the absolute detail
65. You try and buy or make every outfit every DBZ and DBGT character wears
66. You try and get yourself to sound like every DBZ and DBGT character so you can make up your own fanfics
67. You tell your parents and friends that you are not in your real form. Your real one is SSJ2.
68. When you pick up the phone you say, "Hiya, I'm Goku. How may I help you?"
69. Whenever your computer freezes you yell "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS FREEZA!!
70.  You paint your face green and prance around calling yourself  Piccolo
71.  You memorize every meaning of every name
72.  You live on an island, talk to turtles, and name your house Kame house
73.  You look up at the clouds and shout nimbus
74.  You think you can take on every Z fighter because you have seen everything they can do
75. You look at your enemy and say I can sense your movements then get punched in the face unknowingly
76. You think your name has an ancient Ki meaning
77. You are called a SOB and you suddenly think, "Son of Bardock" and complement the person who called you that
78. You think Earth might just be planet Vegeta and all the Humans are really developed Saiyans
79. You threaten to blow up the Earth
80. You DO blow up Earth
81. You point at someone and expect them to blow up
82. You prepare yourself to fight Taurus
83. You learn Japanese just to read a DB Manga
85. You drive around in your car or on your bike chanting 'DBZ IS ON TODAY!' (When, of course, it's on whenever you simply put a video in your VCR)
86. You beg the earth several times to help you and to form a Spirit Bomb
87. You think that you should only watch Japanese DBZ because you think it offends the Japanese people to translate it
88. You think you are Piccolo and try to shoot your enemy with a Special Beam Cannon
89. You close your eyes and hug your pillow thinking it is Bulma
90. You actually doubt Goku's gender because in Japan he has a female voice
91. You name yourself Freeza and name your family other ice products.
92. You paint all the grass in your yard blue.
93.  You name your son Trunks, Goten or Gohan.
94.  You grow a tail.
95.  You record all of the episodes in order and then watch them so  many times and your VCR blows up.and you blame it on Cell
96.  You attempt to go Super Saiyan and pass out.
97.  You attempt to go Super Saiyan.and you do
98.  Your kid is repeatedly kidnapped.
99.  Every time you get killed you get wished back only to get killed a few days later.
100. You learn Japanese just so you can read the cards.
101.  You look at Goku and Vegeta and think there not bad looking really
102.  You dream about your own Dragonball Z episodes
104.  You are IN the episodes
105.  You Want a Boyfriend like Goku
106.  You throw your CD's about the room and yell "Destructo Disc"
107.  You scream "YES!" when your favourite character wins a fight
108.   Before you do something that you know is wrong, you paint an  "M" on your forehead so that if you get caught you can say you were under Majin Buu's Control
109.  You can eat as much as Goku can
110.  You try moving the Great Pyramid with your thoughts.
111.  You read over 110 Facts that tell you if you are obsessed with Dragonball Z and follow each one (even #105 and you are a boy and even #60, #62, 89 if you are a girl)
112.  You put 2 fingers on your forehead and you expect to teleport
113.  You think your cat is talking to you.
114.  When your teacher gives you a failing mark you say "you should know better than to oppose Vegeta!
115.  You get plastic surgery on your face to look like one of the characters
116.  you never plan to get a boyfriend/girlfriend because you have to stay loyal to your favorite dbz character
117.  You read everything on this list.