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>>High Quality Pictures/Cels

At long last, The Cell Game finally has a cels section.  There are currently just a little over 130 cels, I've organized them by character and for the most part, by the timeline.  Click on the character's picture that  you want to see in High Quality.  I know 130 cels Isn't a lot but I'll add a lot more soon.

Androids Bardock Brolly
8 Cels 4 Cels 8 Cels

Fusions Gohan Goku
15 Cels 30 Cels 22 Cels

Humans Misc/Group/Fights Pan
14 Cels 18 Cels 8 Cels

Trunks Vegeta Main Villians
14 Cels 21 Cels 6 Cels