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This page explains methods of fusions, and characters that fused together, and why they fused together.
Fusion Dance
This method is the one that is used the most throughout Dragonball.  Both people must be close to the same height and strength/power level.  Both characters must move their arms and legs in a certain way, and then link together with their index fingers.  The result is a stronger fighter, much stronger than the other two combined.  The only catch is this form can and must be sustained for 30 minutes, and if you mess up the smallest thing you could end up in a deformed weaker warrior.
Characters that use this method
In Movie 12, Goku and Vegeta had to fuse to defeat Janemba who was messing around with the "laws of the afterlife" At first Vegeta messed up the fusion dance and they became Fat Gogeta, Of course after half an hour of running around, they finally returned to being Goku and Vegeta, and did the fusion the right way to become the real Gogeta:

                Fat Gogeta                                             Gogeta



The first time Goten and Trunks fused, they became fat Gotenks, of course it was their first attempt, and everyone messes up the first time :), In later attempts they become the "real" Gotenks.

                    Fat Gotenks                                     Gotenks


Potara Earrings
Using the earrings of Kaioshin (known as just Shin in the dub) 2 fighters have the ability to permanently fuse into one.  One fighter puts one earring on one ear, the other puts one on the opposite ear, creating a permanent fusion between the two, that results in a slightly stronger warrior than in the fusion dance, however if the fusion wears off, which it can in certain conditions, the warriors "de-fuse" and can never perform this fusion again.
Characters that use this method
In the Dragonball  Z series Goku and Vegeta used the potora earrings, even though they thought it would be a permanent fusion to fight off Majin Buu.  They became Vegetto:



Namekian Fusion
Unlike the fusion dance and the Potora Earrings, this fusion is truly permanent.  It is not really a fusion, but pretty much 2 Namekian's become one. 

Characters that used this method
Piccolo fused with the dying Nail on Namek, after Nail got beaten up by Freeza.  Piccolo also fused with Kami, when the androids threatened the world.  He was still "Piccolo" after both fusions.

Mainly villains used absorption.  It is when a character absorbs another character to either become stronger or, get the ability to transform to higher levels.

Characters that used this method
Cell used this method to absorb androids 17 and 18 to become "Perfect Cell", Majin Buu used this to absorb many characters such as Dabura, Gohan, Gotenks and Piccolo.