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>>Funky MP3s

This section contains Dragonball/Z/GT MP3s that I tampered with, to make them sound funnier, either slowing down the speed, speeding it up or just adding affects.  Enjoy.  Hmm I'm not sure if these files will be considered Illegal, but if you download them you must agree to delete them in 24 hours (I guess)

Hyper Cha La (1.4 MB)
We've all heard Cha La (Japanese DBZ Theme), Well most of us have, but have you heard it in high speed?

Mechanized Rock The Dragon (709 KB)
I'm sure that most people have heard the North American version on the DBZ Theme, but you haven't heard it like this!

Screwed up DBGT Theme (2.5 MB)
True DBZ Fans have heard the DBGT Theme in Japanese...this time I've added some affects to it, download it and you will see what I mean

Super Kung Fu Fighting (1.5 MB)
This is not exactly Dragonball related, but when I took Carl Douglas's song King Fu Fighting and speedededed it up, it sounded so funny so I guess I'll post this too.