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>>Music Videos

Welcome to our Music Videos section.  Please note that these Music Videos were made by Supersaiya-jin Trunks from http://dbnightmare.com and in an agreement for both of us to have the music videos for download I uploaded them and we both linked to them so everyone can download them.

Note: Before you download the actual music videos you must download THIS compressor so click HERE to download it and follow the instructions on the Read Me File to install it.

Name File Size My Rating out of 20
Power 9.65MB 16
The Forgotten Prince 16.6MB 14
Queen of the Androids 14MB 18
USSJ Tribute 16MB 17

Deluxe Music Videos

Deluxe music videos are music videos that have been reviewed, perfected, have great quality with a small file size.
Name File Size My Rating out of 20
Father and Son 15MB 40 (no it's not a typo)