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>>Odd "Frazes"

Here you will find phrases that the characters on DBZ would never say.

-No I don't want any food
-Vegeta you win now let's go shoot some hoops!
-(Looks in a mirrior) AHHH!! IT'S TAURUS!!!!!
-I lost a food eating contest....
-I'm sorry Gohan, we're all out of senzus I gave the last one to Freeza
-I sometimes think Flowers are out to get me.
-What is it Lassie? Gohan's in trouble?
-Soon as I find that Kakarott I'm going to kill him!
-Stop hurting me!
-Whaddya say we fight tomorrow? I need some shut eye, Cell.
-I am really good with computers.
-alfk;dafkjklawfjelk wafje l;kjfkla fjlak fjfj klafj lkafj
-Go ahead and destroy the planet I don't care anymore, after you somebody else would just try, there is no end to this.
-don't hurt me I'm tender!
- Live long and prosper
- Doing these Big Bang Attacks and Galet Guns is getting old.
- Why don't we have a picnic? We can talk about all kinds of things. Like peace, love, and happiness.
-Spock has died! Now I can become one of 'Star Trek' cast members!
-Nothing can be trusted. Not even cows!
-(Majin) TIME TO DIE BUU! What? You hate Kakarotto too? Okay, let's team up and kill him.
- I am Batman!
-(SSJ4) HA! Kakarotto you have pink fur like a little girl! Mine's red like blood! Haha
-It's okay, Trunks, you don't have to train anymore, I'm proud of you just the way you are.
-Let's all retire from being warriors and become hippies.
-HEY EVERYONE! Mystery Science Theater 3000 is on! Let's go!
-(singing) We all live in a pokemon world! I wana be the greatest master of them all!!
-(to Goku) Hiya Father! Wanna know what? I hate you! I beat Cell and you didn't! I went SSJ2 before you! You suck!
- Darnit, Higher Dragon! Get away from me! I thought Taurus got rid of you!
-Alright Pikachu I have had enough of this Pokeon garbage MASENKO!
- I wanna help Buu destroy earth.
-I always end up killing my friends sooner or later.
-(Goes SSJ2 infont of Goku) Alright Kakarot this ends now prepare to be finished.
-I smoked pot yesterday
-Alright Chi-Chi if you tell me to study one more time I'll kill you and this time you wont be able to be wished back!
-Fu....sion HA!
Future Trunks
-I'm sad that I was born a man. I wanted to be just like mom.
-Sir, can I buy that wig? I want to have hair just like my dad's!
-I am getting tired carrying this plastic sword over my back all the time.
-I lost my scrunchie!! I'm not going anywhere without my scrunchie!!
-(in the future timeline) Hey guess what mom, me and the robots went and killed more humans those 2 are really cool people once you get to know them.
-The Reason  I came from the future is to make sure Gohan, dosen't survive the android attack (gets out his sword and slices Gohan in half)
Chibi Trunks
-Eh? Goten, you don't want to play a prank?
-Why is it that everytime Vegetto shows up Dad and Goku are gone? THEY'RE AFRAID OF HIM!

-Save the world? Or go have a tea party with Brolly? Hmm... I'll go with the tea!

-What would happen if we fused with Gogeta?
-Let's join with Hitler and take over the world.

- That plant over there is offending me.
- Guys, don't you like the catchy tune that follows me everywhere?
-I am the only super saiyan.

- Now Now, Vegeta. That splinter is deep. I'll go defeat Cell for you.

-Well I used to be a fighter but I've retired to become a cocktail waiter.

-I would kill that Vegetto.. only if I could find him, though.
-I am not Goku, Or Vegeta.........oops I forgot the rest.

-(to Vegeta) Alright I've had enough of you, mortal, say bye-bye
- Oh, that awesome power we are sensing is coming from Yajirobee

-Why isn't this slim fast working?
-C'mon! I can take you on, Vegetto
-No Goku, I'll be first in the Cell Game, I will defeat Cell so that nobody else would have to fight and get hurt, but if I die I go down with honour.

- Gohan, I am more attracted to your father than you. Good-bye!

- I have always had a crush on Majin Buu.

Mr. Satan
-No I can't kill Cell, it's up to the Z warriors
-I just pretend to be strong so people will like me.
-I admit it Gohan is the one who killed Bojack and Cell, not me.
-Alright I have had enough I can't take this, that little boy is getting hurt, it's time for me to fight Cell

- Let's all go tease some wild animals.
-What took you so long, finally freedom......oh wait isn't there some sort of catch to this?

-Oh my god! I am sorry, Goku!
-How long would my hair be if I went SSJ3??

- I really should of brought my wig before I came here. These icy winds are icing up my head.
-Vegeta it is time I killed you.

-I'm not fat I'm just big boned

- Why does everything think I am related to icy products? My father is King Cold, that couldn't be it. My brother is Kooler, Nah, that wouldn't do it. Maybe it's my skin color.
-You really think so, Zarbon? You like my new cherry red lipstick?
-Why does everyone think I am a girl?

Garlic Jr.
- Maybe wishing for immortality was a wrong thing.
-I am NOT a little kid! Size is nothing! (starts to cry)

- I was going to kill you all and rule the world but planting flowers is a lot more fun.
-Let's settle this over a nice game of Chess

- I was going to kill you but that Chile-Dog shop over there is just too tempting.
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill all those people, they just wouldn't be my friends.

-Freeza, I would destroy you but I have an appointment with my hair stylist.
- Ouch, I think this bandanna is cutting off the circulation to my brain.
I wonder if Kakarot will wish me back anytime soon.
-Goku wont beat Freeza cuz he's my son and i suck so bad at everything i do

-Hiya Goku!
-I'm getting plastic surgery. I've been looking like that fool Kakarott long enough people think I am his twin!
-I really don't look like Kakarotto. It's just a mask to fool stupid people like you
Why does everyone keep thinking that I am related to Kakarot?
(to Goku)- What do you think we would look like if we fused?
-I'll race you to the top of the Tree of Might!

- Hi, I'm Brolly. Wanna have a tea party?
-Hey Goku, whatsup man, long time no see!
-(Goes SSJ4) What should I do with all this power. I know I'll go kill Cell for my old friend Goku