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>>Saiyan Transformations

Here you can learn the Saiyan transformations, how they are achieved and the characteristics of them.



This is the basic state for all Saiyans.  They usually have black, spiky hair that also grows unnaturally long.  When Saiyan babies are born, their power levels are read and the ones with the lower levels are usually sent to far, distant planets to rid them of all life so it the planet can be sold.  This is why Vegeta is always angry that some weak common Saiyan, Goku, is a better and stronger fighter than he is.  Full Saiyans are born on Planet Vegeta, which Freeza blew up.
-Long black hair usually pointing up
-A long brown tail
-Usually have muscles

Super Saiyan
There are several requirements to turn into a super Saiyan. The first is, you can't have a tail. Secondly, your power level must be upwards of 1 000 000. Also, the most important part is there must be a pure heart. This can also include pure evil. The transformation into a Super Saiyan is fueled by anger. This explains why Trunks couldn't turn Super Saiyan until he stood over Gohan's dead body (in the future timeline). He had the strength, but nothing to be extremely angry at.  Several things happen when someone goes Super Saiyan. Their hair turns yellow and it sticks up more than usual. Their eyebrows also turn yellow and their eyes turn green. Also with this transformation, the fighter's power level is greatly increased. (The transformation by Goku into a Super Saiyan easily allowed him to defeat Freeza).  The first time anyone went super Saiyan was when Freeza killed Krillan and got Goku really angry and made him go Super Saiyan
-Incredible Muscles
-Yellow hair that stands up
-A surrounding golden glow
-Green eyes

Ultra Super Saiyan
This is between SSJ and SSJ2.  This is what happens when Saiyans just train physically.  They get really strong and their muscles get really big.  Although incredibly powerful, they get slowed down since they are so bulky.  Also, they lose their pupils and their hair becomes spikier.  Brolly is the first to become one and the only one who can effectively use this level.  In the series though, it's Trunks or Vegeta (it wasn't explained who made it first in the time chamber.)
-Longer yellow spiky hair
-Very bulky
-No pupils
-Incredible muscles


Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 2 is also different. For one, the body mass isn't as much as it was in USSJ. Also, when the fighter has the glowing power around him, there will be little charges of electricity every once in a while. The hair becomes more triangular, and is often times characterized by one strand that hangs in front of the face. (Think Gohan when he fought Cell or Bojack). Also, at this stage the fighter can control how much of what skill he wants to use. For example, if he wanted to be a lot stronger, he could focus his energy into his power, but it would slow him down. This helped Vegeta a lot because he was a very experienced fighter and could use this stage to his advantage. Gohan is the first to turn Super Saiyan 2 when Cell killed Android 16 making him very angry and strong enough to destroy Cell.
-A lot less bulky than Ultra super saiyan
-More muscle mass than a regular super saiyan
-Golden hair is longer
-Electricity zapping around them every once in a while
-Glowing golden power around them

Super Saiyan 3
Ok, now we're getting into less subtle differences here!  The hair grows extremely long (kinda like Raditz except it is still gold). Super Saiyan 3s lose their eyebrow hair plus the eyebrows themselves are more pronounced.  Other than that and the increased power, there's the same gold stuff and electric bolts.  It took Goku to train in the afterlife to reach this unbelievably high level.  Goku first achieved this level during a fight with Majin Buu. Majin Buu could overpower SSJ3 Goku but this level did destroy Fat Janenba in movie #12. SSJ3 was also used in Dragon Ball GT, but Goku couldn't hold it due to his little body's lack of strength, although he does reach Super-Saiyan Level 4.  Only Goku and Gotenks reach this level.  (Vegeta skipped it and went straight to SSJ4)
-Really long golden hair that doesn't stick up
-No eyebrows
-Green eyes
-More incredibly big muscles

Super Saiyan 4
There are many major differences here.  Their hair isn't as long as it was in SSJ3 mode but more like SSJ1 except that it is black, a lot longer and has two long strands of hair going down their shoulders. Their eyes are no longer green but black.  Another difference is their eyebrows grow back.  They also have red fur on their backs and arms and the rimming around their eyes are also red. This is the only SSJ level with a tail. It's basically going more towards the monkey look. Some people argue that this is not an true SSJ level but it's on the show, which means it is.
Characteristics of Super-Saiyan 4
-Shorter black hair than SSJ3 but longer than SSJ
-A lot of red fur around the body
-A long tail
-Dark Black Eyes
-Kid Goku had a normal adult body in this level
-Muscular Body

Any Saiyan with their tail remaining can become one.  All they have to do is look at a moon, and then they turn into a huge monster were-monkey.  Their energy is increased ten-fold plus they can shoot energy blasts from their mouths.  Goku and Gohan go pretty berserk when in this state though, and they attack anybody close.  All other Saiyans can control this form.
Characteristics of Oozaru
-Bigger than buildings
-Brown fur all over
-Big eyes
-Long Tail

Golden Oozaru
Golden Oozaru is a level that was achieved by Goku and Bebi-Vegeta in Dragon Ball GT. This is the most powerful form of Oozaru, demonstrated by Goku in DBGT episodes 38-40, when he swatted Bebi-Vegeta all over Planet Plant (Bedi's recreation of the Tsufuru home planet.) The main physical difference with the Oozaru stage is that the fur is yellow instead of brown. Also before Planet Vegeta was taken over by the Saiyan it was also called "Planet Plant", of course before renamed to Planet Vegeta
Characteristics of Golden Oozaru
-Bigger than Buildings
-Have super Saiyan like golden hair
-Gold fur
-Big eyes
-Red tail
-Almost Invincible