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Favorite Links

This Page has changed from what it is before, Only my sites that I find and really like, or my friends' sites (that are also good) will be linked here so don't ask.  If you want to be linked click here

  1. The Ultimate Dragonball Information Site- The best Dragonball z information site.  It has descriptions of every last character the storyline, amazing profiles of Goku and Bulma, the family tree chart and a lot more.
  2. Funimations Official Site- You must have flash to get the full effect of this site.  It's a great site that lets you hear the character's voices in English, find out about the characters, learn more about all the sagas up to Cell. The best part is the z club where you can download all sorts of stuff (screensavers, flashcards, etc.)
  3. The Dragonball Z Information Center-Provides info, downloads, weekly polls, ROMs, skins, summaries and more
  4. Bulma-a really cool site dedicated to the webmasters favorite character Bulma.  It gives you pics of all her hairstyles and a lot more info and pics about Bulma it's a really good site especially if Bulma is your favorite character.
  5. Lelola-A great site covering all anime, not just DBZ it's updated frequently and is a great site so pay it a visit.  It's a great site, one of my favorites.
  6. Mystic Dragonball-A site with a cool layout and tons of content so give it a visit.
  7. Burning Rage-A site with a great layout and good content so visit.
  8. DBZGT Legacy-A REALLY good site that started to get tons of hits right when it opened, definitely worth a visit.
  9. The Earth SSJ-A good site with little hits, give this site a visit.
  10. JZ and BB's Trunks And Gohan Shrine-About the funniest dbz site on the net, and one of the most original sites out there, visit this site!