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Garlic Jr Saga

Background Info

Once things get calmed down after the battle with Freeza, Garlic Jr. returns from the Dead Zone to cause problems once again. He takes Kami and Mr. Popo hostage, and releases his Black Water Mist on the Earth. The evil mist causes people to becomes super violent and turn on one another. Piccolo tricks him into thinking he has been turned by the mist, in order to get close enough to Kame's prison in the bottle (he hurts Gohan in order to fulfill his plan). When Piccollo reveals that he was not affected by the black water mist he  releases Kame and Mr. Popo.  When they are freed they take the Sacred Water, the only cure for the mist, to the 7 winds (which takes like 6 episodes of repeat clips) to spread them across the world but they don't have much time left.
Garlic Jr. escaped the Dead Zone by drawing power from the Makioh Star. The star powers his battle against Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan. Eventually it comes down.. Garlic Jr. once again tries to draw the heroes into the Dead Zone and once again Gohan thwarts his attack and bounces him into the Dead Zone instead. This time he needed the help of Krillan and especially Picollo.
With Garlic Jr. gone, there is one thing left. Krillin and Gohan go after a giant pearl to give Krillin's girlfriend, Marron. But during the quest for the pearl, Krillin realizes he has to let Marron go. They give up the chase on the pearl and return to the surface. Krillin lets Marron go and the Garlic Jr. saga ends. (If Krillan had asked Marron to marry her she would have said yes...a good thing Krillan didn't!)