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The Freeza Saga

The earth is safe thanks to Goku and the rest of the Z-team. Unfortunately, most of the team died in the battle with the Saiyans. There's a catch to it also. Normally, the earth's Dragonballs could be gathered to wish them back to life, right? Here's a little DBZ history. Piccolo's father and Kami used to be one being. When they split, the evil side of Kami became Piccolo's father (Piccolo-Daimaou). Daimaou has died, but not before he had an offspring, Piccolo. Piccolo and Kami are still related so that when Piccolo died in the battle with the Saiyans, Kami died with him.  The Dragonballs disappear when Kami dies, seeing as he created them. On the bright side, the team learns from Vegeta that other Dragonballs exist on Namek (Piccolo's home planet).
When Nappa's space pod gets destroyed, Mr. Popo shows Bulma how to operate the ship that Piccolo came to earth in a long time ago. But who's going to go to Namek? Goku's physical body was damaged so severely in the battle with Vegeta he is be unable to go. Krillin and Gohan (despite protests from Chi Chi) accompany Bulma.
After a few tight spots on the way to Namek, they arrive. In the meantime, Vegeta has recovered at Freeza's base! He learns that Freeza is on Namek and already in search of the Dragonballs. Vegeta becomes furious and rushes off to Namek to gather the balls for himself. This is the introduction of Freeza, the strongest known warrior in the universe (at this time). Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz were working for freeza in the Vegita Saga (although Vegeta had already been thinking about overthrowing him, hence his interest in the Dragonballs). Freeza is gathering the Dragonballs on Namek, with the aid of his hench men Zarbon and Dodoria. They go from village to village killing Nameks and demanding the Dragonballs. Meanwhile, Vegeta touches down on Namek and is almost immediately intercepted by Kui, another one of Freeza's henchmen. Not realizing  how strong Vegeta has become (because as you know Saiyans get stronger after every battle), Kui gets destroyed. Gohan and Krillin also have their first battle, facing off against two of Freeza's weaker henchmen. After Freeza's goonies trash their spaceship, Gohan and Krillin kill them without effort!
Miles away, these battles are being monitored by the scouters of Zarbon and Dodoria. Knowing that he is still not powerful enough to challenge Freeza, Vegeta must get the Dragonballs. As he plans his next move, a village close to Gohan and Krillin's location falls under attack. The Nameks fight well, until Dodoria joins the fight. As Dodoria moves in to attack a young Namek boy, Gohan can't control his anger anymore and Jumps in. Gohan and Krillin rescue the boy, but are followed by an angry Dodoria. By the way, this is the introduction of Dende.  Gohan, Krillin, and Dende narrowly escape, and on the way back to Freeza, Dodoria runs into Vegeta. Knowing Vegeta is stronger than him Dodoria bargains for his life. Dodoria tells Vegeta that it was actually Freeza that destroyed Planet Vegeta (the Saiyan's home planet), and not a meteor shower. Vegeta finds this interesting, but kills Dodoria anyway.
Zarbon is next to try, as he eventually tracks down Vegita, and reveals the ugly side of himself (his transformation) . Vegita is beaten to a pulp and taken to Freeza's base on Namek, to heal so he can answer for his treason. Unknown to Freeza and Zarbon, Vegeta awakens while in his recovery chamber and manages to steal the Dragonball's that Freeza has gathered. Enraged, Freeza gives Zarbon an hour to get Vegeta and the Dragonballs. However, Freeza recognizes that this is already getting out of control and summons the Ginyu Force. The Ginyu Force is his most elite fighting squad in the universe.
While this is going on Krillin and Gohan befriend the young Namek boy, Dende. He takes Krillin to go see the eldest Namek, Guru. They get to Guru's and find Nail watching over Guru. Nail is the strongest of the Namekian warriors. Guru reveals some history about Piccolo, and then uses his power to awaken the hidden potential in Krillin. Amazed, Krillin feels twice as strong, and tells the eldest Namek that he will not let the Dragonballs fall into the wrong hands. Satisfied with Krillin's good intentions, Guru gives him the One-Star Dragonball. Krillin leaves Dende at Guru's place, and returns to Bulma and Gohan with his Dragonball.
While all this is happening, Piccolo and the other Z-fighters end up making it down Snake Way and they start training with King Kai, just like Goku did. Goku in the meantime finally fully recovers, after he receives some Senzu beans (magical beans from Korin's Tower). To the protests of Chi Chi he leaves in a hurry to catch up with the others on Namek. Dr. Briefs (Bulma's dad and a real technical wiz) has already constructed a spaceship for Goku to travel to Namek. Goku blasts off for Namek hoping he has not missed any action.
During his six day journey Goku knows he must be in peak physical condition, so he trains in an artificial gravity machine that can be adjusted to different intensities. He starts of 10x gravity and after he has grown accustomed to it increases the gravity to 20x that of Earth's. He has a close encounter with a star as its gravity was pulling Goku's ship towards it. Using Kaioken and a Kamehameha he escapes this fate. Later, disaster strikes, as Goku's ship gets caught in an interstellar storm, causing the gravity machine to go crazy. After it gets stuck at 100x normal gravity, Goku must summon up every last ounce of strength just to hit the "off" switch! He succeeds, but then gets determined to train in such a harsh environment. During his trip, Goku's grueling training wears him down and he uses Senzu beans to recover his strength.
Back on Namek, Zarbon has one hour to resolve this mess, because Freeza's getting pissed! He spots Vegeta, who is actually in pursuit of Krillin (returning from Guru's with a Dragonball). Krillin goes to were Bulma has been hiding and learns that Gohan has gone to track down another Dragonball. All of a sudden Vegeta Arrives! He demands Krillin's Dragonball... but right behind him is Zarbon. And thus the second battle between these 2 begins. Vegeta is stronger after recovering from their first bout, and succeeds in sending Zarbon to the next dimension. He then threatens to hurt Bulma if Krillin doesn't give him the Dragonball! Reluctantly, Krillin is forced to comply (not like he could have defended the Dragonball anyway!).
At this point, Vegita thinks he has all the Dragonballs. This one just taken from Krillin, the 5 stolen from Freeza's ship, and one that he took from a Namekian village earlier (which he hid in a lake). He is unaware that Gohan has used Bulma's Dragonball radar to track down the one hidden in the lake. However, on the way back to Bulma and Krillin, Gohan runs into Vegita. Gohan senses him coming and has time to hide himself and the Dragonball. Vegita can also sense something and demands for Gohan to show himself. Gohan comes out and talks to Vegeta. Vegeta sees that Gohan is holding the Dragonball radar, but doesn't know what it is. When he asks Gohan what it is, Gohan tells him that it is an antique watch, growing tired, Vegita cheap shots Gohan and takes off. Dazed, Gohan is merely happy that Vegeta did not see his Dragonball... and he returns to Bulma and Krillin's location.
Upon returning to the lake, it becomes apparent to Vegeta what has happened. He realizes that the device Gohan had was not just an antique watch. He gets super pissed and blasts off to get his revenge (you can see blazing red anger in his eyes!) Meanwhile, Gohan returns with the Dragonball and Krillin decides to take Gohan to Guru's place, in order to awaken his hidden powers. Bulma is left with the Dragonball, which is probably a mistake. She loses it in a lake and has to recover it with a Capsule Corp. submarine..
Gohan and Krillin are almost to Guru's place, when they sense Vegeta following. Krillin tells Gohan to hurry up and see Guru, while he attempts to stall Vegeta. Vegeta confronts Krillin and quickly realizes where Gohan is. He speeds off and Krillin flies after him. They arrive at Guru's and Nail comes out and tells Vegita to "go home." Just as Vegeta demands to see what's going on inside, Gohan emerges. Vegeta threatens Gohan, in order to learn the whereabouts of the other Dragonball. Before the situation climaxes anymore, Dende informs them that Guru senses a super powerful evil force approaching the planet. They all sense it, and Vegita realizes that it must be the Ginyu Force. They don't have much time...
Vegeta tells our heroes that each member of the Ginyu Force is as strong as he is, and the only way that they will survive is to wish him immortal. Not liking the sound of this, Krillin and Gohan fear they might have no choice. They join Vegeta and rush back to where Bulma has the other Dragonball. Then they proceed to where Vegeta has stashed the 6 balls which he has gathered. After a short argument on who should get to be immortal, they are immediately confronted by the Ginyu Force!
Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan know they are in trouble! A little about the Ginyu Force... There are 5 members: Captain Ginyu, Recoom, Guldo, Jeese, and Burter. They are Freeza's most elite squad, really never have lost a fight, and oh yeah..they are completely nut's. Captain Ginyu was chosen to lead the squad, by King Cold himself (Freeza's dad) because of his body change technique. It is the Captain that does most of the talking at first, and demands that Vegeta give them the Dragonballs. At this point 5 are lying on the ground, Vegeta is holding one, and Krillin the other. Vegeta tries to get rid off the Dragonball he is holding, by throwing it way out towards the horizon. However, they are all left in slow motion, as Burter catches up to it with his super speed. Vegeta then screams at Krillin, ordering him to quickly destroy the other Dragonball. As Krillin raises his fist, the Dragonball suddenly disappears from his hand. The short 4-eyed Guldo has used his ability to control time to take it away from him. Krillin and Gohan can't believe what they are seeing, and get scarred. Vegeta is not amused.
Captain Ginyu gathers up the Dragonballs, and takes off to deliver them to Freeza. Vegita, Krillin, and Gohan are left to take on the remaining members of the Ginyu Force. Guldo goes first, and prepares to take on Krillin and Gohan, who begin to power up. They fly up into the air simultaneously showing off their increased power. Guldo freezes time for a moment (by holding his breath) and runs for cover. The battle continues; Guldo is out of shape, and getting overwhelmed by Krillin and Gohan. Then he gets mad and summons up all his strength and uses his mind freeze technique on the heroes. Krillin and Gohan are now stuck in mid-air, and can't move! Guldo now flies up to them and beats them up a little. He then uses a sort of telekinesis and grabs a tree, which he plans to spear Gohan and Krillin with. He forms it into a stake and sends it flying straights for Krillin! Suddenly, a beam slices through Guldo's neck and he falls to the ground. Vegeta drops down next to him and laughs. Taking such a critical shot, Guldo looses his control of the mind freeze. Krillin is free and dodges the tree with who knows how many of hundredths of a second less. Vegeta then blasts Guldo and finishes him.
Gohan and Krillin are grateful to Vegeta. Vegeta just tells them he had an old score to settle with Guldo, and that he was not trying to save them. On the other side, Recoom, Burter, and Jeese are enraged about Guldo's death (not really that they care about him, but now their group pose will be different without him). Recoom now steps forward to take Vegeta on. The huge orange-haired titan announces the start of the fight, and does a silly dance and pose. Growing tired of their insanity, Vegeta begins to power-up! Energy swirls around him and everyone is shocked by how high his powerlevel has gotten. But is it any match for the Ginyu Force?
Vegeta attacks Recoom and is winning and even uses his "Final Flash" technique. There is a huge explosion and it looks like the fight is over. However, as the smoke clears, the huge Recoom is still standing. What is even more amazing, is that he has hardly been scratched by the divesting attack! Recoom decides it is his turn, and after another exchange of blows, Vegeta finds himself buried in the ground. Exhausted and injured, the Saiyan Prince might die. Wait, Gohan and Krillin join the battle, and save Vegeta!
As Recoom attacks Vegeta with a flame attack emanating from his mouth Krillin kicks him in the back of the head (which shuts his mouth in the middle of the attack), Gohan pulls Vegeta out of harms way. Vegeta is ungrateful to Gohan and a now toothless Recoom announces that he has had enough. He quickly takes Krillin out in one kick. With Vegeta and Krillin down and out, Gohan must bare the load. And a heavy one it is, as Recoom blows poor Gohan out of the water!
Meanwhile, Freeza has gathered all the Dragonballs and attempts to make his wish. It doesn't work! Freeza figures with must be some special words you say or something that he is not doing right. He picks up Nail, Dende, and Guru on his scouter and rushes off to find the secret. He leaves Captain Ginyu to look after the Dragonballs while he is gone. Captain Ginyu holds try-outs for the Ginyu Force while he watches over the Dragonballs. He ends up killing all the contestants.
While the Ginyu try-outs are not going good for Freeza's goons, the fight against Recoom is hopeless. Gohan eventually goes down and it looks like it's all over... but WAIT! Who's spaceship is that touching down a couple miles away? GOKU FINALLY ARRIVES on Namek! As usual he arrives right as the team is about to be annihilated. Goku uses Senzu beans to heal Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta. Gohan was almost dead, and the Ginyu are amazed at the fact they have suddenly been restored to health. Goku reads Krillin's mind, to find out what happened during his absence ("apparently training at 100x normal gravity has extra benefits"). Next he confronts Recoom!
He displays blinding speed, and takes Recoom out, with a simple elbow to the Sternum! Nobody can believe it... Jeese and Burter attack Goku now! Goku dodges their attacks with ease. Goku can hide his powerlevel from scouters, but Vegeta senses his enormous ki. He can feel Goku's power, and it is nuts! He thinks that Goku has become a legendary Super Saiyan!
After this Krillan, Gohan and Vegita find the dragonballs since they are not guarded.  But they figure out they are going to need the password.
Goku was now going to fight Captain Ginyu himself.  What happens is Ginyu realizes Goku is much stronger so he switches bodies with him. As it turns out Ginyu thinks Vegeta is stronger so he tries to switch bodies with him but then Goku as Ginyu comes in the way and gets his old body back.  When Ginyu tries to switch bodies with Vegeta Goku throws a frog in the way and Ginyu Turns into a frog.
After this battle Goku gets put in a healing pod.  When Vegeta takes a nap Dende arrives with the password for the dragonballs.  They get three wishes.  The first was to wish Piccolo back.  The second was to Wish him to Namek and they couldn't get the third wish since Guru had died.
Soon Piccolo arrives and senses Nail. (he had been beaten up because he wouldn't give the password to freeza) and they merge together and become way stronger.  By this time Gohan, Krillan and Vegeta were fighting Freeza and Freeza had transformed 2 times before Piccolo arrives and they start to fight.
After undergoing his transformation to his fourth and final form, Freeza killed Dende since he could heal the fighters and Vegeta for stating about the Super Saiyan to Goku who had fully healed by now. (Note: Freeza feared the Super Saiyan legend.) Goku executed a Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) desperately at Freeza, but an injured Freeza killed Kuririn out of rage. This triggered the anger Goku to transform to a Super Saiyan. An intense battle has developed, risking the destruction of Namek. Super Saiyan Goku was defeating Freeza, becoming stronger every minute. With his last strength, Freeza triggered the planet to blow up in five minutes and threw Kienzan-like fireballs at him but accidentally got cut in the process. Goku gave Freeza some of his energy to save his life and to fight more but had to kill him rapidly and escape. Goku tried to start Freeza's spaceship but failed as the planet exploded. Bulma, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, and the Namekians traveled back to earth with the Namek dragon balls. (Note: The Namekians were revived with the Earth dragon balls which means guru was alive and so was Dende and he wished for everybody on Namek to exept Goku and Feeza to be wished to Earth).
Back on Earth when the namekian dragonballs returned the dragon revived Krillan and Yamcha but was unable to revive Goku. It seemed that Goku survived the explosion and was training on another planet, learning the Shunkanidou in the process. Vegeta decided to train in space, and everything was safe on Earth for now. When they regenerated again the next three wishes were to wish back Tien Chaiotzu and to take the Nameks to a new planet to live on.