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Here you can learn how to contact us or learn about the staff, please read the FAQ first


E-mail: gohan3k[AT]thecellgame.net (change [AT] to @)
Age: 19
MSN Messenger Address
: g3k4life[AT]hotmail.com - public account, on about once a week
Everything that the other people down there don't do :)
Reasons For Contact
Questions about Dragonball, question about the site, reporting dead links, boredom....
Game Cube, Anime, Wrestling, Sleep, Basketball, Crank calling people, Breaking the law, Making fun of Steve Cox, Talking on msn
Favorite Quotes
"You're good...but I'm better"
-Star Wolf, Star Fox 64
"Ez Ez"-
"Feel the pain, of those inferior beings, as you burn in hell."-Kratos,


E-mail: ssj_trunks3000@hotmail.com
MSN Messenger Address: ssj_trunks3000@hotmail.com
Jobs: Music, Sounds, Occasionally info/humor
Reasons for Contact: Queries on Dragonball, Question about music
Hobbies: Sleeping , TV, Sports, Wrestling, Anime, Music

Favourite Music: Rock, J-pop, C-pop
Quote Of The Moment
: "I am the king of the world....And you're just living in it, Junior!" - Chris Jericho



E-mail: jaskalkat@hotmail.com 
MSN Messenger Address: jaskalkat@hotmail.com
Jobs: DBDP! Comic Relief
Reasons for Contact: Dbdp, and bitching
Hobbies: PS2, Working on Dbdp, talking to FANS!
Favorite Quote: "Jaz, Welcome to TCG"-Gohan3k
Favorite Character: Vegeta!


E-mail: saiyan_princess_jz@hotmail.com 
Jobs: THE POLL!!!!!
Reasons For Contact: Are you people really that sad?
Hobbies: Updating various WebPages-- AT THE SAME TIME MWAHAHA-- Anime, Playing Playstation 1 and 2,  Sleep, eating.. sleep.. uh..
Favorite Quote: "Life is but a dream..."- Cowboy Bebop