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The Cell Saga

One year after the Garlic Jr Saga.  Freeza is put back together in a robotic form by his father, King Cold. They arrive on Earth with an army, all hope is lost by the Z warriors, even Vegeta thinks so. Suddenly, a teenager comes out of nowhere, beats the crap out of Freeza. Not only that, he is a Saiyan! Turing Super Saiyan, he kills Freeza and King Cold with his sword easily. All he says is that he is waiting for Goku, then Goku appears out of nowhere. Goku tells of his troubles and also demonstrates his new teleportation technique. The teenager says that his name is Trunks. He is also the son of Bulma and Vegeta! He is from the future and comes back in time to warn the Z warriors of androids that will terrorize the world in three years. Trunks also says that Son Goku will die from a heart disease. Trunks though has brought medicine for him. Now the Z warriors must train for the androids arriving in three year.

Three years passed since Trunks' arrival. A lot has changed since then.  Chibi Trunks is born, and Vegeta joins the Z warriors, but having the same attitude. The Z fighters go to the island where future Trunks Predicted the arrival of the androids and they find #19 and #20 (Dr. Gero)  Goku's heart disease takes place while he is fighting 19 and then he looses and Yamcha takes him back to get his medicine.  This is where SSJ VEGETA COMES IN.  He seriously destroys 19.  It was like a game to him.  Dr. Gero got away but everyone chased him.
Future Trunks arrives from the future he realizes 19 and 20 are not the androids that he new.  This causes alarm especially when Bulma reveals that 20 is actually Gero.  Gero gets away saying I will release 17 and 18 (the androids that Future Trunks new about)
Gohan was told to take Bulma and Yajirobe back to their homes while Piccollo, Tien and Krillan search for Gero's lab thinking the should destroy the androids before they are released.  Vegeta wants to "fight these androids face to face and rip them with my bare hands" but Trunks tells him not to. When Dr. Gero's secret lab is found he releases 17 and 18, 17 kills Gero and then 18 releases a new android called 16. 
The 3 androids fly away in search of Goku.  Since Goku is still trying to heal everyone doesn't want them to find him.  First Vegeta takes on 18 and 17 agrees not to join the battle if Trunks and the others don't either.  Vegeta puts up a good fight but these androids never run out of energy! Vegeta gets beaten up really bad and Trunks joins in to help but ends up getting his sword cracked.  At this point 17 comes in and starts beating up Tien and Piccolo while Krillan hides like a wimp.  When everyone gets beat up the androids leave to find Goku in spite of Killings begging.
Right now Vegeta and his "Saiyan pride" is very angry and he flies away "saying I'll kill you Androids I WILL MAKE YOU PAY."  Now Trunks comes up with another discovery.  These androids are stronger than the ones in his time.  Trunks can't understand why history has changed so much since his arrival.  Piccolo realizes the only way to beat these androids is to fuse with Kami and become a "Super Namek."  So he goes to Kami's Lookout.
At this point everyone is healed with senzu and they go to Goku's house to get Goku and Chi Chi since they know that is where the killer androids are going to attack.  On the way they phone Bulma and then she says Trunks that someone reported they saw an unknown vehicle with a Capsule Corporation symbol on it and when Trunks gets a picture he sees it's his time machine.  Trunks already had his time machine in his pocket in a capsule so Gohan and Trunks go check the thing out with Bulma.  They see that there is a shell there and some creature came out of the cell. 
When everyone gets to Roshi's place on the news they see towns are being attacked and people are disappearing mysteriously.  Kami who still hasn't decided to merge with Piccolo notices this he realizes he has no choice.  When they fuse Piccolo wakes away and Mr. Popo says "bye Kami I will never forget you"  and Piccolo says "I am neither Piccolo or Kami, I am the Namek who has long forgotten his name."
Piccolo encounters the creature and sees that he has been absorbing humans.  He fights and realizes that he knows special beam cannon and he also knows kamehemehe! Piccolo is very confused even though it is apparent that he is more powerful.  Piccolo tricks the monster into telling who he really is, by pretending that he surrenders and finds out Cell has been made my the cells of the great fighters of the world.  Even Freeza and Goku.  He also learns that Cell comes from the computer and was created from a computer Dr. Gero had been programming and it took 24 years.  Cell kills Trunks of a third timeline (in this timeline Trunks had killed the androids) Trunks wanted to come back to tell everyone that he killed the androids but instead Cell came.  He had to go to his larval form and then grow for 4 years in the present.  When Piccolo asks why he came back to this time was because of his urge of power he needed to absorb 17 and 18 to become the Perfect Being.
After a while of Krillan, Tien and Picollo chasing down Cell as he absorbs people along the way Goku finally recovers and tells Chi-Chi he is going to have to take Gohan to train in a place called the room of spirit and time in order to defeat Cell.  When the androids find Piccolo, Piccolo challenges 17 to a fight
Piccolo and 17 fight for a long time pointlessly since they have similar power levels.  After a while Cell appears and seems to have killed Piccolo.  This is where 16 starts fighting so that Cell won't absorb 17 and 18.  16 is just as strong as Cell's current or "imperfect" form.  After a while 17 gets absorbed and Cell Transforms.  At this point Tien comes into the battle to stop Cell.  He succeeds in his plan to let 16 and 18 run away.  (Tien eventually runs out of Energy but is later rescued by Goku and as is Piccolo when he is found by the waterfront)
While everything in the last paragraph was happening Goku told the others to wait at Roshi's place until 2 days pass in which Goku, Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta would have trained in the spirit time.  Since only two people can go into the spirit room at one time Trunks and Vegeta go in.  After a day (which is a year in the time chamber) Trunks and Vegeta come out, stronger than ever.  At this point Trunks and Vegeta go out to find Cell and Goku and Gohan go into the time chamber.
Goku and Gohan continue To train hard while Vegeta shows Cell that he has no chance. When Cell realizes this he convinces Vegeta to let him absorb 18 to have a better chance. Even though Trunks tries to stop him Vegeta keeps coming in his way and Cell finally absorbs the android 18 he turns into Perfect Cell. No one can offer a challenge so he starts thinking of all the fights as games (Thus the title, The Cell Game).
Cell later announces that he will hold a tournament to the warriors that think they can defeat him. Goku and Gohan come out of the time chamber (Gohan turns into a super Saiyan in there)
Cell gives 10 days before the tournament for everyone to train.  Bulma fixes up android 16, Goku gets Dende to become the guardian of Earth and create more dragonballs, Goku finds the dragonballs and the 10 days pass.  The Cell Game begins. First joins a fighter from Earth who thinks he is the strongest, Mr. Satan (a.k.a. Hercule) gets his men to fight and they all don't stand a chance.
When Goku fights he fights for around 6 episodes and realizes that Cell is stronger and that Gohan should fight.  After Gohan fights he starts to get beaten and warns Cell that if he gets pushed far enough he will kill Cell with his hidden powers.  Cell wants to see these powers so he tries to piss off Gohan so that he will be more challenging so he hurts Gohan a lot.  Android 16 tries to self-destruct on Cell but Bulma disabled it (she rebuilt 16 so he could participate in the fight, and Cell destroys 16 leaving nothing but his head behind.
Cell realizes the only way to make Gohan angry is to attack his friends. The plan works when he creates seven Cell Jrs who attacks his friends.  Android 16 tells Mr. Satan to throw his head to Gohan and he actually does.  16 tells Gohan to protect the life he loves and to stop holding back and to defeat Cell.  Now Cell crushes 16's head.  Gohan gets pushed off the edge and powers up and reaches SSJ2, then Cell realizes that he over did it. Gohan defeats the Cell Jrs with just one kick to each of them. Gohan starts to attack Cell. As the battle goes on, Cell realizes that he made a mistake.  Gohan kicks Cell in the face and that forces 18 out of his body.  He know becomes his earlier form and realizes he doesn't stand a chance, so he starts to self-destruct.  Goku realizes he needs to act faced to he sacrifices his life to teleport Cell to King Kai's planet and he explodes there. 
Even though Cell exploded he had one Cell left and he regenerated from that Cell and since he has the Saiyans genes he gets stronger after he heals and goes back to his perfect form.  Cell returns to Earth and kills Trunks.  This makes Vegeta very angry and he attacks Cell but Cell overcomes him easily.  Gohan starts to fight and Gohan's right arm gets crippled. He creates a Kamehameha, Cell than creates his own Kamehameha, a stalemate is drawn only with the encouragement of his dead father. Gohan over powers Cell and kills him with only one arm! Everyone is wished back to life except Goku because he was already wished back to life once. They still have one more wish since Dende altered the dragon and Goku doesn't want to come back so they wish the bombs out of android 17 and 18 instead.
Now Trunks goes back to his original timeline and defeats the androids in his alternate future ending the Cell Saga.