Tournament II Final Results

Welcome to TCG's SECOND Anime character tournament.  This is basically a tournament where you vote for who you like better on the main page of the site, each winner moves on and each loser is eliminated, until only 1 remains.  It's in 4 quadrants, and the winner of each quadrant moves on the semi finals.  And before you ask, this isn't' to decide which character fights better, it's a popularity contest.  If you don't know who a character is, click on their name for a small profile and picture. For the results of last years contest click here. Make sure you view this page with text size on medium, otherwise it comes out looking really messed up, to do this go to view ---> text size ---> Medium

Quadrant 1

Vegeta vs. AshKai vs. Mercury  |  Dark Magician vs Kirby | Blue Eyes vs Ken   |  Cell vs MewtwoEd vs C-Moon 


           Vegeta       vs     King Kai      |    Dark Magician    vs    Blue Eyes    |                        Cell          vs             Ed

                                   Vegeta  vs   Blue Eyes                                                                                                         

                                                                                              Vegeta      vs    Cell            


                                                                                                                  Quadrant 1 Finals:  Vegeta    vs   Brolli

                            Brolli   vs   Sesshomarou    Brolli       vs      Android 18           

      Brolli       vs        Marron         |       Mew       vs     Sesshomarou   |       Android 18    vs          Yugi


Brolli - Pikachu | Marron - Roshi | Mew - Tai | Sesshomarou - Treize | Trowa - Android 18 | Yugi  - Zechs


Quadrant 2

Chibi Trunks vs Chi-Chi  | Mimi vs Duo  |  Crono vs Eva 01 |   Faye vs Launch   |  Buu vs MirokuMisty vs Vash


   Chibi Trunks    vs         Duo   |               Crono          vs          Faye          |            Buu        vs             Vash

                                Chibi Trunks  vs   Crono                                                                                          

                                                                               Chibi Trunks     vs  Vash  


                                                                                                      Quadrant 2 Finals: Chibi Trunks  vs   Goten

                                      Kenshin   vs       Goten        Goten       vs        Inuyasha       

                Kenshin   vs         Pan     |              Goten          vs         Heero           |          Sango       vs           Inuyasha


Kenshin vs Ranma | Pan vs Nappa | Sailor Moon vs Goten | Naruto vs Heero | Asuka vs Sango | Inuyasha vs Vaughn

Quadrant 3

Vegetto vs Jiggly Puff  |  Wufei vs Android 17  |  Gene vs Jet  |  Ginyu vs Mirai Trunks  | Kaiba vs KrillinMegaman vs D


             Vegetto             vs      Android 17     |                Gene     vs     Mirai Trunks     |         Krillin       vs    Megaman

                                        Vegetto    vs   Mirai Trunks                                                                                              

                                                                                    Vegetto           vs   Megaman  


                                                                                                                  Quadrant 3 Finals:    Vegetto  vs  Gogeta

                                                     Gogeta    vs  Android 16     Gogeta  vs     Orphen         

                                Videl     vs      Gogeta        |  Android 16      vs       Kari        |      Jupiter        vs         Orphen


      Videl vs Legato | Bubbles vs Gogeta |  Yusuke  vs  Android 16 | Kari vs Davis | Jupiter vs Oak  | Orphen vs Naru

Quadrant 4

 Takato vs VenusQuatre vs Goku  |  Relena vs Rika |   Mars vs Bulma   |  Piccolo vs FreezaSakura vs Spike


           Venus     vs          Goku     |                Rika          vs     Bulma     |              Piccolo         vs        Spike

                                     Goku  vs  Bulma                                                                                               

                                                                                      Goku    vs  Piccolo   


                                                                                                                  Quadrant 4 Finals:   Goku   vs  Gohan

                                        Gohan    vs  Kagome      Gohan    vs    Gotenks


             Knives    vs     Gohan       |       Rei          vs    Kagome       |         Gotenks        vs      John Cena


T.K. vs Knives | Raditz vs Gohan |  Rei vs Shinji | Kagome vs Hitomi | Kuwabara vs Gotenks  | Astro Boy vs  John Cena


Semi Finals

Quadrant 1 Champion vs Quadrant 3 Champion                         |                  Quadrant 2 champion vs Quadrant 4 Champion

         Vegeta             vs          Gogeta                                                |                           Chibi Trunks    vs      Gohan

Third Place Match:      Vegeta  vs   Chibi Trunks      Vegeta 

Finals:                                      Gogeta          VS      Gohan                 



Second Place

First Place


Third Place