Tournament Results

Welcome to TCG's Anime character tournament.  This is basically a tournament where you vote for who you like better on the main page of the site, each winner moves on and each loser is eliminated, until only 1 remains.  It's in 4 quadrants, and the winner of each quadrant moves on the semi finals.  And before you ask, this isn't' to decide which character fights better, it's a popularity contest.  If you don't know who a character is, click on their name for a small profile and picture.  Make sure you view this page with text size on medium, otherwise it comes out looking really messed up, to do this go to view ---> text size ---> Medium

Quadrant 1

Goku vs. Sailor Moon Ash vs. Tai  |  Heero vs Gene |   Duo vs Raditz   |  Uranus vs RelenaChibi Moon vs Brolli 


        Goku        vs               Tai       |         Heero       vs          Duo        |             Uranus              vs       Brolli

                                    Goku   vs   Heero                                                                                                       

                                                                                                Goku      vs    Brolli    


                                                                                                                  Quadrant 1 Finals:    Goku   vs   Pan

                                 Pan          vs  Chi Chi         Pan      vs            Kaiba          

    Pan      vs        Sailor Venus       |      Chi Chi       vs     Spike Spiegel          |             Kaiba            vs          Roshi


Rika - Pan | Aisha - Sailor Venus | Tristan - Chi Chi | Takato - Spike Spiegel | Stone Cold - Kaiba | Sailor Mars -Roshi 


Quadrant 2

Misty vs Marron  | Mirai Trunks vs Yami   |  Joey vs Tuxedo Mask |   Pegasus vs Zechs   |  Dark magician vs Proff OakBlue eyes vs Brock


        Marron     vs    Mirai Trunks   |            Joey         vs        Pegasus        |          Dark Magician     vs       Blue Eyes

                                  Mirai Trunks vs  Joey                                                                                                     

                                                                               Mirai Trunks  vs  Blue Eyes   


                                                                                                      Quadrant 2 Finals:   Mirai Trunks vs Bulma 

                                          Ed     vs          Android 16         Ed    vs    Bulma         

                     Téa     vs           Ed      |          Jet Black        vs      Android 16            |        Faye        vs          Bulma


Téa vs Sailor Neptune | Ed vs Mimi | Jet Black vs Sazuka | Android 16 vs Yolei | Faye vs Jupiter | Wufei vs Bulma

Quadrant 3

King Kai vs Sailor Mercury  |  Pikachu vs Vegeta   |  Mokuba vs Treize |   Krillin vs Freeza   |  Nappa vs MelfinaGohan vs Joe


        King Kai              vs              Vegeta      |           Mokuba     vs            Krillin        |          Nappa           vs       Gohan

                                          Vegeta        vs          Krillin                                                                                                 

                                                                                        Vegeta            vs             Gohan       


                                                                                                                  Quadrant 3 Finals:     Vegeta   vs  Android 18

                                    Android 18    vs  Kirby          Android 18   vs   Cell            

              Android 18     vs       Videl      |         Crono          vs           Kirby             |     Cell         vs              Ken


Android 18 vs Davis | Sora vs Videl |  Crono  vs  Eva 01 | Jiggly Puff Vs Kirby | Cell vs Sakura  | Mewtwo vs Ken

Quadrant 4

 Vegetto vs Gogeta  Matt vs Yugi   |  Kari vs T.K |   Izzy vs Android 17   |  Ginyu vs GuilmonGoten vs Chibi Trunks


        Gogeta       vs            Yugi      |           T.K            vs       Android 17        |       Ginyu           vs          Goten

                                    Gogeta vs  Android 17                                                                                           

                                                                                              Gogeta   vs    Goten   


                                                                                                                  Quadrant 4 Finals:     Gogeta vs Gotenks

                                            Gotenks    vs  Patamon            Gotenks     vs    Majin Buu

                 Gotenks     vs       Piccolo       |             Patamon          vs        Cody          |            Majin Buu      vs      Jim


Gotenks vs Agumon | Quatre vs Piccolo |  Patamon vs Veemon | Cody vs Gillam | Majin Buu vs Trowa  | Jim vs Henry


Semi Finals

Quadrant 1 Champion vs Quadrant 3 Champion                         |                  Quadrant 2 champion vs Quadrant 4 Champion

             Goku              vs          Vegeta                                      |                           Mirai Trunks      vs      Gogeta

Third Place Match:        Vegeta   vs   Mirai Trunks     Vegeta

Finals:                                       Goku          VS      Gogeta                 


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Second Place

First Place

Third Place